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A Foreclosure Bailout Loan is a mortgage designed to save homeowners from having the properties being foreclosed upon by their banks. it is basically a refinance loan. The home owner takes out a mortgage to pay off the current loan thats in default. When taking a forclosure bailout loan strongly ...
Construction Loans - Generally speaking, there are 3 different types of construction loans. They are: Spec Home Owner Builder Custom Now some of these programs offer you a permenant option which means that after the home is completed, you can then convert the program into a 30 year mortgage. Ther...
Investing in Real Estate - Is there really a lot of money to be made by buying and selling houses? Can I make a lot of money by buying houses and renting them out? What are the best types of houses to buy for rental properties? Should I buy a single family home, a duplex or possibly even a 3-4 un...
 buying foreclosed homes - You can usually find lists of foreclosed homes at your county sheriffs dept., at the courthouses, or online through many different foreclosure listings websites. While buying foreclosed homes does have many benefits, there is also some risk involved.Foreclosed homes are...

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