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Good Morning! When we as agents make referrals of friends, clients, leads or prospects to another agent many times the consumer doesn't really know how that all happens. A former client of ours is considering moving to Port Charlotte, FL and asked if I could suggest any agents in that area.  Why?...
We had an extraordinary light show in the mountains of Western North Carolina last night into the wee hours of the morning.  Facebook was crazy with local people reporting in with the storm locations. This morning the world looks like it was photoshopped in green, everything is so lush and the ga...
Not all buyers are alike.  Some are rigid in their tastes for style of home, or location, or amenities...sometimes rigid in everything and that's okay.  It helps to limit the field.  Some buyers can't be placed in a category with the exception possibly of price range and condition of home.  That'...
  It wasn't where we started but we did close yesterday. It can happen but it is pretty rare that a buyer selects the first house they see. Also, it can happen that a buyer will go under contract more than once before they finally close on a home...but thankfully that is rare also. We just got do...
Sometimes it is good to just transport ourselves to another place mentally, even if only for a few minutes. We're grateful for a very good several months of real estate transactions but it sure has been a morass of details. The short sale that turned out to not have a right of way to the state ro...
It is a good feeling to spend a lot of money and feel that you got a ton of value for it.  Home owning can sometimes be expensive...there, I said it!  It's called general maintenance and sometimes to protect your asset you've got to spend money.  It isn't always something to do with plumbing, roo...
Funny how it takes careful planning to do what you want to do, when you want to do it when we work in real estate.  We careen from appointment to appointment but we do have the luxury of scheduling in "appointments" to take advantage of fun or necessary private time. Oh yeah sure...the cell phone...
Buying a house isn’t for the faint of heart but it isn’t that scary either. If you are sincere and have chosen your team leader well (the Realtor), there should be no problem. You will be given ample opportunities to examine this house during your Due Diligence period. Use the time well and never...
Some listings defy the confines of the MLS template. Many times a house and property are much more awesome than can be described in a static 1000 characters or less. There can be intricate and critical information about the property that just doesn’t fit in the check boxes or pre-formatted search...
Off and on for about six months, we've been having AT&T internet problems at home.  Since, as this audience knows, Realtors work from home...a lot!  We have it, then we don't.  I'm sometimes ready to scream.  We received an Offer yesterday for one of our listings and had to convey by phone becaus...

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What job could possibly be better than bringing people together by sharing our common interests and learning new ones? Here's my opportunity to introduce conversations and photos of the area I feel so passionate about...the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. This is one way to give you some background about me and our MoonDancer Realty company to help you make an informed decision about hiring us as your next REALTOR. I hope you enjoy the content as much I enjoy sharing it. I'm looking forward to reading your comments and hope to meet you soon.