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Mobile Home Sales of Florida
I was wondering how many of you handle this situation in you business.  Does a Broker usually allow more than 1 person to work a neighborhood?   Is a hard and fast rule or is it done that way as a courtesy?   How do you handle it if a new agent decides to start farming your areas that you have wo...
How many sales book do you have in your library?   I have not read any stats online what the average amount would be, but it has to be high.  I would think for many of us that the longer we are in sales the more we probably have.I am a huge fan of  The Kindle app,  Since I starting using it 3 yea...
All of our prayers tonight should go out to the citizens of Paris.  As of 20 minutes ago it looks like over 160 people have been killed by terrorists in 7 separate attacks.   The country has closed it's borders and enacted a curfew in order to control the madness.   Let's all pray that no more di...
I was playing golf this morning with a few of my friends.  The topic of tag lines comae up and one of my Real Estate Agent friends is going out on his own.  He just got his brokerage license and has decided to open his own agency.  He told me the that the hardest part so far was coming up with a ...
You gain an instant best friend- Only your best friend would tell you that your pink couch, purple walls and shag green carpet are hideous.You gain an instant mother/father- Only your mother/father would tell you that your pink couch, purple walls and shag green carpet are hideous.You gain a cons...
Men Are Just Happier PeopleWhat do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack... You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You...
I for one am always amazed how fast some website get crawled by the search engine bots.  I use Google Alerts to notify of many different words and phrase.  I posted a new Blog last night and the time stamp between here and my email was only 50 minutes.  That is very fast and many of my Blogs on A...
Don’t be afraid to cut that cable network habit.  We did and have never been happier.  In fact not only has our bill been cut by $200 a month but the amount of tv we watch a week has dropped by 50%.  We spend more time talking and hanging out as a family which I believe has only brought us closer...
 Can you'all please make some suggestions on what type of camera you use for interior shots?  I am going with a digital camera with a wide angle lens and it needs to have a great flash.  Any suggestions on cameras that you use in the $500 range would be appreciated.

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