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At Carrington Mortgage our mission is to help the underserved with our non-prime lower fico score loans. We are able to qualify customers down to a 550 FICO on FHA, USDA, VA and 203k loans.  These loans are manually underwritten and we are closing loans that other lenders have turned down.  If yo...
At Carrington Mortgage Services we can help buyers with lower fico scores.  We understand that everyone has gone through some challenges since 2008 and sometime we just need a few fico points to get an approval.  We do a great job in manually underwritting home loans and can get a customer into a...
We have loan programs down to 550 fico scores. 1) VA, USDA and FHA loans down to 550 fico scores. 2) 203K Renovation loans down to 550 fico scores. We are helping the underserved pouplation with our manual underwrite loans.
Are you looking to buy a home and have a low fico score?  We have a solution for you.  We at Carrington Mortgage Service Denver Office can do USDA, VA, FHA and 203K FHA renovation loans with fico scores as low as 550. We have the ability to look at the complete picture not just an automated appro...

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