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If you are thinking about acquiring a mortgage in the next 6 months this one tip will have a greater impact on your credit score than any other.Raise your available credit limit or lower your balance due on any revolving credit accounts.  When a revolving credit account is maxed out or over the a...
I pre-qualify about 5 to 10 clients a day for a home mortgage loan and during the process I gathering and educating the buyer on many items but in the end I'm also telling them the maximum loan amount I can get them.  Now here's where things start going wrong, many buyers today go directly to the...
Great Service is the Key! Closing on time, with little or no red tape, saves you money, time and worry and builds repeak customers period. That's why Mike King and azmortgageinfo's team at Amerifirst Financial Inc., has put together a team of the best processors, underwriters, closers and funders...
Mike King and azmortgageinfo have successfully closed many short sale contracts, let us help you get started today, call us at 480-331-6847. Short salesoffer not just a lifeline to homeowners in over their heads, but an opportunity for home buyers seeking an amazing deal. Better yet, thanks to ne...
I've been asked many times over and over, "should I short sale or foreclose".  I personally believe the question is not that simple and you should always consult your attorney and CPA.  Whether you should do a short sale or let the home go to foreclosure depends on several factors. I thing you mu...
As you know, there are many ways to market your business online. Using a combination of marketing methods can be very effective. Video marketing should definitely be included in your strategy along with other methods that work well for you. The videos that you use as part of your overall online m...
Mike King and azmortgageinfo believe in customer service.  My goals is to help each and every client every time.  My team will normally complete a mortgage pre-qualification within minutes and we will always get back with the client and/or our business partner for an update.  Service mean educati...
Whether you have a jumbo loan or a conforming loan, you might be able to use a little-known strategy called recasting to lower your payments for a small fee. Recasting or re-amortizing allows a borrower to lower their monthly payment on an existing fixed-rate loan without having to apply for a ne...
Mortgage markets improved last week in a week of few economic releases. The one major data point - Retail Sales - showed stronger-than-expected, but markets reacted mildly. The report's strength was whispered in advance of the actual release; its reading validated Wall Street's growing faith in t...

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