nyc: Welcome Fleet Week to New York City - 05/23/07 11:07 AM
Thousands of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and international navy ships will participate in Fleet Week NYC this week.
Seven ships sailed up the Hudson River this morning to moorings in Manhattan and Staten Island. All, ships paid honor to the world trade center site by calling  for a hand salute of all sailors topside as the ships passed the site.

Hosted every year Memorial Day week, Fleet Week New York is the City's celebration of the sea services. This annual event also provides an opportunity for the citizens of New York City and the surrounding … (7 comments)

nyc: 1st REBNY Five Borough NYC Residential Market Report - 05/15/07 10:41 AM
REBNY Issues  New York City Wide Five-Bourough Residential Sales Report

In a five-borough residential report released by the Real Estate Board of New York, the average price of an apartment jumped 23 percent, while each borough recorded a higher average price for one- to three-family dwellings in the last 12 months.
According to the quarterly report, the average price for New York City apartments rose 23 percent, to $745,000, in the first quarter of 2007, compared to a year earlier, while the median price for city units rose 20 percent, to $450,000.
At $1,107,000, Manhattan had the highest average, with Brooklyn second, at … (8 comments)

nyc: Transparency and Accountability in NYC Coops? I hope so it is the 21st Century - 04/24/07 04:25 PM
One of the first blogs I ever wrote was last July about a new law that would make the once secret Co-op sales prices public for the first time under a bill by the Albany legislature. The bill was awaiting signing by Governor Pataki and was strongly supported by Mayor Bloomberg.
When the law passed I wrote another blog in August NYC-Coop-Law-brings-Manhattan-Real-Estate-into-the-21st-Century. Before the law was passed there were many in the real estate industry that were opposed to the new transparency law. They liked having secret information that was how business was always done in Manhattan and they liked it.

Janny Scott of The … (5 comments)

nyc: Manhattan market: The buzz from outside Inmans Real Estate connect in NYC - 01/10/07 02:53 PM
                                          The  Real Estate Market in Manhattan is HOT!
The buzz in the real estate industry this week is coming from Inmans Real Estate connect in NYC.  New media moguls like Craig Newark of Craigslist and Matt Heaton of activerain are at the conference discussing blogging, web 2.0, the latest trends and technologies and the future of the real estate industry at panels and seminars and parties.  
Right outside the Marriott Marquis in Hells Kitchen and from Washington Heights, to Harlem to Morninside Heights, the Upper West Side, Chelsea, Murray Hill, Gramercy, the West Village, Tribeca and throughout Manhattan there is … (9 comments)

nyc: Selling Real Estate is an Art not a Science - 12/08/06 10:09 AM
Manhattan real estate has always been different. Over the years REALTOR® friends and colleagues from other parts of the country have been very sympathetic toward how we do business in Manhattan. They would say: "You have it so hard", "how can you make a living? " No dominant MLS, coops, coop boards, board interviews, buyer's financial statements, building financials, only attorney's can write contracts, accepted offers that don't mean anything, How do you do it"?
MANAR the Manhattan MLS is only about 5 years old and has about 15% of the market. The dominant board REBNY is a real estate board. They claim they … (45 comments)

nyc: Landmark Living: Manhattan real estate in history/today A blog series - 11/26/06 09:27 AM
My last blog Starchitect Skyline was part of a series of blogs about Manhattan real estate in history/today. I wrote about the brand name glass tower apartment buildings of the new millennium that are changing the NYC skyline.
This blog is about landmark buildings from another era and other uses that have been transformed or are being converted to luxury apartments.
Old World Details - Meets Modern Amenities.
Famous hotels, landmark banks, insurance company headquarters, factories, hospitals and even a former Police headquarters have been transformed into luxury apartments that offer unique spaces. This trend in real estate is not only taking place in … (12 comments)

nyc: Wall Street Bonuses Are Soaring - 11/17/06 01:27 PM
Economists estimate around 50 percent or more will end up in Real Estate
Goldman Sachs; Morgan Stanley; Merrill Lynch; Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns are about to reward their 173,000 employees with $36 billion in bonuses.
That's a 30 percent increase from last year's record, and it doesn't include the billions more that will be paid by Citigroup, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co., the three largest U.S. banks, as well as the hundreds of hedge funds and private-equity firms that constitute the financial industry. Bonuses range from $150,000 to over $20 million. Managing Directors bonuses range … (0 comments)

nyc: "No Brokers Fee" or just the old "Bait and Switch" - 10/31/06 12:46 AM

Recently I've had clients call that need a rental usually a short term rental during a renovation or as an interim until they buy something. Often they will say "I don't want to pay a Broker Fee. I'm a broker, broker's get a fee. I tell them to look on Craigslist.
In the past I have had exclusive rental listings when the rental market was not as tight as it is now. I would have the owners pay the broker fee so I legitimately could advertise "No Fee".
Scroll through rental advertisements on Craigslist, you will notice many "NO FEE" alerts with asterisks … (25 comments)

nyc: Appraisal Lending Ethics - 09/29/06 10:24 AM
This blog was inspired by Brian Brady. I recently heard from a lender that starting January lenders and mortgage brokers can no longer use Appraisers that they prefer, recommend or have a relationship with.
I didn't know if this was National or a New York State banking regulation specific. Brian seems to think it is just New York. I tried to research this on Google and came up with very little.
All I could find was a blog from Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel a top Manhattan appraiser. In his Soap Box blog Jonathan has a blog titled NeyIrony: Responsible Lending defeated by irresponsible … (4 comments)

nyc: Manhattan's Last Frontier - The Hudson Yards - 09/03/06 05:30 PM
Rendering of Hudson Yards
There is one last frontier available in Manhattan - Hudson Yards, the underutilized area bounded roughly by West 42nd Street and West 30th Street, Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River. 360 acres.
The Hudson Yards is owned by the MTA - The Metropolitan Transit Authority an agency of The State of New York. The MTA has had problems with capital.
A pet project of former mayor Rudy Giuliani and current mayor Mike Bloomberg was to build a west side sports stadium. The MTA decided to sell the Hudson Yards to The Jets for $100 million for a Jets Stadium … (2 comments)

nyc: NYC Coop Law brings Manhattan Real Estate into the 21st Century - 08/11/06 05:51 PM
There have been lots of blogs and press about ACRIS Automated City Record Information System displaying coop sales records online. Everything from secret plan for the city and state to impose mortgage taxes from appraiser [MillerSamuel] to Jerry Seinfelds signature on a UCC- form. [Gawker]
I've been using  ACRIS  for a couple of years for condos and townhouses. I've been using it primarily for real estate tax records. Every time I get a listing in a condo I check the real estate tax. Many sellers of condos don't know how much their real estate tax is because it's paid by their lender from their mortgage … (0 comments)

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