history: Hamilton Heights: Historic Neighborhood Report - 04/15/09 01:32 AM
Hamilton Heights in Upper Manhattan was the home of Alexander Hamilton from 1802 - 1804. Alexander Hamilton was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, a Founding Father, and political philosopher. His Manhattan home Hamilton Grange has recently been moved from Convent Avenue to St. Nicholas Park.

Hamilton commissioned architect John McComb Jr. to design a Federal style country home on a sprawling 32 acre estate in upper Manhattan.
This house was completed in 1802 and named "The Grange" after the Hamilton family's ancestral home in Scotland, but served as his home for only two years. On July 11, 1804, Hamilton … (2 comments)

history: Manhattan real estate in history/today: The Beresford - 12/07/07 07:19 AM

The Beresford
A coop building so vast it contains three separate lobbies fronting both Central Park West and West 81st Street.
It has three addresses 211 Central Park West, 1 West 81st Street and 7 West 81st Street. The building was completed a month prior to the stock market crash in 1929. The Beresford is a master piece of architect Emory Roth. The building has 175 apartments on 23 floors with a limestone base and brick-clad upper floors.
The courtyard contains a fountain and a garden. Italian Renaissance in design, the Beresford is executed in brick with limestone and terra cotta trim. Animating … (17 comments)

history: Manhattan Neighborhood Market Report: SoHo Real Estate Guide - 02/11/07 11:23 AM
     New York, NY 10013
     SoHo ( stands for South of Houston - pronounced "How -Stun")
Soho is a premiere destination for the world's trendiest jet setters, New York's SoHo district has something to offer just about everyone. Bordered to the North by Houston Street, to the South by Canal Street, to the West by Sixth Avenue and to the East by Broadway.
Soho is characterized by the imposing cast-iron architecture of the late 19th Century that was built for manufacturing and warehousing. The beautiful cast iron structures that characterize the area were New York's original skyscrapers, … (10 comments)

history: Landmark Living: Manhattan real estate in history/today A blog series - 11/26/06 09:27 AM
My last blog Starchitect Skyline was part of a series of blogs about Manhattan real estate in history/today. I wrote about the brand name glass tower apartment buildings of the new millennium that are changing the NYC skyline.
This blog is about landmark buildings from another era and other uses that have been transformed or are being converted to luxury apartments.
Old World Details - Meets Modern Amenities.
Famous hotels, landmark banks, insurance company headquarters, factories, hospitals and even a former Police headquarters have been transformed into luxury apartments that offer unique spaces. This trend in real estate is not only taking place in … (12 comments)

history: Starchitect Skyline: Branded Glass Houses in the Sky - Manhattan real estate in history/ today: 19th century to 21st century homes - 11/20/06 11:49 PM
"Starchitect" aka Star Architect, architect -branded designer buildings throughout Manhattan are changing the face of neighborhoods, lighting up the NYC skyline and turning apartments into Live-in Works of Art.
Innovative designs, the move away from the standard cookie-cutter apartments, luxury service and views are attracting consumers that want everything taken care of for them. From valet parking, concierges, meditation gardens, infinity pools, electronically controlled sliding glass walls to restaurant service and room service.
Recent record sales taking place around the city, a real estate trend that is breaking down the old neighborhood boundaries by allowing the new buildings to become destinations in and … (11 comments)

history: THE BROADWAY MALLS: The Centerpiece of Broadway - 10/15/06 10:10 AM

BROADWAY MALLS: The Centerpiece of BroadwayFrom 60th Street to 168th Street, lies a history filled median of greenery and flowers called The Broadway Malls. The Malls were established in 1904 and have been a New york City park since 1904.
Having lived on Broadway for the past 15 years, I've often admired the Malls and love how wide Broadway is with thousands of merchants and residents facing Broadway these 10.5 acres of parkland serve as our front yard.
Around this time of year Broadway is Light Up at Night.  The Broadway Mall Association with support from businesses and residents will illuminate fir … (0 comments)

history: Manhattan Real Estate in history/today: 455 Central Park West - 09/17/06 02:27 AM
                   455 Central Park West "The Castle"
From A Cancer Hospital Built In 1887 To Luxury Condos Today - No Corners For Germs
In Sunday’s New York Times real estate column Big Deal by Josh Barbanel there’s an item titled Five Turrets, No Dungeons about a couple that recently bought and moved into their new $6.4 million turret condo at 455 Central Park West between 105th and 106th Street. 
Jonathan Miller from Miller Samuel appraisers said the prices paid for the turret apartments were the highest prices paid for a coop or condo north of 96th Street. Of 19 condos there are … (4 comments)

history: Manhattan Real Estate in history/today: The Ansonia - 09/15/06 07:13 AM

The Ansonia - Upper West Side - 2109 Broadway 
When The Ansonia opened in 1904 it was called:
"the most technologically advanced apartment house in the world"
Loaded with towers, mansard roofs, ornate balconies, balustrades, and bay windows, the Ansonia is easily Broadway's most opulent structure. When it opened in 1904, this extraordinary, eighteen story Beaux Arts building provided tenants with such luxuries as electric stoves, hot and cold filtered water, freezers, a pneumatic -tube system to deliver messages, and even an early form of central air conditioning.
The building also had incredibly thick walls installed to protect against fire, which … (15 comments)

history: Will History Repeat Itself? It Usually Does - 09/06/06 09:43 AM
During this past year the rental market in Manhattan has become very tight. Rents are soaring, multiple applications and even bidding wars have been going on. Many buyers gave up on buying and decided to rent instead.
Flash back 3 years ago. Landlords were offering 1 -2 months free rent, paying broker fees anything to rent their units. Ads were not pulling. No one was renting everyone was buying. It was cheaper to buy than to rent.
Rents are now skyrocketing. I have heard of landlords asking 20-25% increases in rent when a lease expires. Landlords used to increase 4-5% a year even … (8 comments)

history: WHAT IF 9/11 NEVER HAPPENED? An alternative History in New York Mag - 08/18/06 03:06 PM
The current issue of New York Magazine has an all blue cover with a photo of the top of the twin towers at the bottom. In the middle of the page in white type it reads: WHAT IF 9/11 NEVER HAPPENED? On the top of the page in light blue it reads: FIVE YEARS LATER. In the right bottom corner it reads: An Alternative History. http://www.nymag.com/
Either I'm losing my sight or something Freudian happened. When I first saw the magazine I thought it said:WHAT IF 9/11 HAPPENED AGAIN? I ignored it and looked at other mail. I was not interested in … (5 comments)

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