washtenaw county: Living In or Around Ann Arbor - 09/15/10 02:04 AM
Ann Arbor Area includes many different areas throughout Washtenaw County.
If you are thinking of moving to the Ann Arbor Area and prefer to not be in the City then take a look at each of the following Villages or Townships that make up Washtenaw County. 
Each Township, Village and City is unique so I encourage you to spend a day eating breakfast in one, lunch in another and dinner in another one. Finding a home is more than a house, it is integrating into a community, meeting new friends, attending new schools and participating in a local church or synagogue.

washtenaw county: Ann Arbor Area Market Report by School District, October 2009 - 11/14/09 01:47 PM
Each month the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors publishes our annual market reports. In Ann Arbor our MLS is searched by school district.
Here is the October Market Report for the Ann Arbor Area.
Ann Arbor in Photos.

Missy Caulk & Team can be reached at 734-216-2822 or email: Missy@MissyCaulk.com
Our TEAM of 6 buyer associates are available to help you relocate to Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan, Ypsilanti Township, Clinton, Manchester, Whitmore Lake, or throughout Washtenaw County, MI.
Free Home Evaluation  Search the Ann Arbor Area MLS. Google Profile Market Reports … (4 comments)

washtenaw county: Washtenaw County Market Data for June 2009 - 07/16/09 01:40 PM
The Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors released their market static's today for June of 2009.  Here is the report and the comparison from June 2008 to June of 2009. You are welcome to sign up to receive Live Weekly reports in your specific zip code at Ann Arbor Real Estate or on the side bar.
Forclosures and Short Sales continue to dominate the market here. However, homes that are priced right and it good condition continue to sell. The sale prices have come down, providing an opportunity for more buyers to homes they could not have afforded a few years … (1 comments)

washtenaw county: July 4th Fireworks in Michigan - 07/02/09 03:00 AM
Ann Arbor and Saline don't have fireworks displays. Ann Arbor use to because as a family we always went. But, there are some towns in Washtenaw County that do host them. Manchester, Whitmore Lake, Grass Lake and Ypsilanti.
If you are looking for a fireworks to attend anywhere in Michigan there is a good site to check out, Michigan Fireworks where you can put in your city and check where and what time they start.
Taking photos of fireworks can be hard. Darren Rowse of Pro-Blogger has a some really great tips and techniques of taking those shots.
I thnk I … (8 comments)

washtenaw county: Marketing Plan for Sellers in Washtenaw County - 04/17/09 06:04 AM
Marketing Plan Designed For
24 Hour World Wide Web on Realtor.com on your home
Upload Your Home on 12 websites
Your home on 4 of my own web sites
Search Ann Arbor Homes for Sale
Feed back after each showing
Syndicate your home to hundreds of websites
Enroll the property in 3 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICES
Notify top selling agents of the property
Produce a PROPERTY PROFILE FACT SHEED with color photos
Promote the property at Keller Williams sales meetings

washtenaw county: Washtenaw County August Market Data - 09/09/08 02:53 PM
Do you ever feel as a listing agent you are always giving sellers, "bad news"?
I know as an Ann Arbor agent it is discouraging to have to tell sellers that their home is not going to sell at what they had hoped for. Honestly in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, most of our sellers are realistic, yet when the CMA is done it is still disappointing for them to hear it.
The homes that are priced right and in remarkable condition are selling. Foreclosure's are also selling because in most cases they are 20% below the others listed in … (2 comments)

washtenaw county: 2nd Quarter Residential Reports for Ann Arbor and all Washtenaw County - 08/05/08 12:41 AM
The second quarter data had both surprises and not some surprises. When you are out selling and working with buyers on a day to day basis, Realtors just instinctively know what is happening.
If a buyer wants a home in a certain neighborhood and a certain price point then the hunt is on. My last two listings both had offers within 2 weeks, a home in Saline and a condo in Ann Arbor.
Both of the sellers were aggressive in their pricing and both homes were in tip top shape.
In Ann Arbor there is currently a 6 month supply of … (6 comments)

washtenaw county: Should you Buy or Rent in Ann Arbor, Michigan - 07/13/08 11:44 AM
Should you buy or rent if you are moving to Ann Arbor or the surrounding areas in Washtenaw County ? We get asked that question frequently.
The answer is "it depends on your individual circumstance".
One of the first things to ask yourself is, How long will you be living in Ann Arbor?
In the past it definately made more sense to buy, but now it really depends. If you are a Medical Resident and will only be here 3-4 years, then perhaps renting is the best option. Do you have a dog, that needs space to run? All of those … (11 comments)

washtenaw county: Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County Market Report for June 2008 - 07/10/08 01:06 PM
I get my data from Big House Data, a company in Ann Arbor, that compiles all their data from the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors. It varies somewhat from what the actual Ann Arbor Board of Realtors puts out. Either that or it is interpreted differently from the Ann Arbor News.
The Ann Arbor News through MLive.com reported the average price home to sell was $223,802.00. This price is back to the 2000 prices of home sales. So in 8 years, poof.... the sellers have lost value in their homes.
Big House data is reporting that the average price home sold … (6 comments)

washtenaw county: It's May, It's May Market Data for Ann Arbor - 06/09/08 02:16 PM
Remember that song ?
It's May, it's May the lovely month of May ?
First the good news is our inventory is down over 30% from last year.
Closings are up 23%.
The bad news is that the average sale price is down 10.5% from last year. Overall the list price on new homes coming on the market was down 6% compared to May of 2007.
I am now telling my sellers to price in the TOP 5 of all homes in their price range and location.
The monthly volume was over $87.8 Million in closed transactions. This is 40% higher … (21 comments)

washtenaw county: Marketing Report for Condo's in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County - 05/20/08 03:26 AM

Average Days on the market condos in Ann Arbor was 105.
Average List price was $239,945, up 13.5% from April 2007.
Average Sales price for condos in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County was $172,938.00 in April. This is down nearly 17.5% compared to April 2007.
April is the time of year when many U of M. Residents come to Ann Arbor and we have seen a number of condo's come off the market near the U of M. hospitals. There were 42% more closings on condos in April of 2008 than in April of last year.
Over all … (2 comments)

washtenaw county: April Market Data for Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County - 05/20/08 03:11 AM
Is the market stabalizing in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County ?
Compared to last year, we are seeing less homes on the market, and the closings are definately up. Even though the average price of homes is down, buyers are moving and taking advantage of the homes in the best condition.
Average price home price is April was $258,017, down only 2% from April 2007.
Average sale price in Washtenaw County was $203,798 for April 2007.
Now for the GOOD NEWS......
Closing are up by 78% !! This is also a 16% increase in closings year to date.


washtenaw county: Real Estate Cycle Profits the Home Buyers - 05/17/08 02:38 AM

In August of 1979, my husband and I bought our first home in Auburn, Alabama. It was a brand new home with 1300. S. F. for $39,000. We went FHA, and my parents, and grandparents helped us with the down-payment of 3%. It was a cute little house, with a corner fireplace, huge master-bedroom suite, walk in closets and I loved it. I never wanted to move.
In December of 1980, we had our first baby there, Christa, who is now my Partner is Real Estate. In August that year, my husband was “called’ to Michigan. There were skid … (17 comments)

washtenaw county: Washtenaw County 1st Quarter Market Reports including Ann Arbor - 04/08/08 09:48 AM
1st Quarter Marketing Reports

Homes are selling in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, but they absolutely MUST be priced right. When I say, "priced right", I am not referring to market value. I am talking below market value. Buyers want a deal, a bargin. The average sale price throughout Washtenaw County is down to $205,400. When  I started my journey in Real Estate the average sale price was $269,900.  This is down 11% compared to March of 2007.

Throughout Washtenaw County there is a 14.8 month supply of homes on the market. The $1 milllion dollar price range … (14 comments)

washtenaw county: Do Buyers get Buyers Remorse in Ann Arbor? - 04/07/08 01:47 PM
 Many buyer will get it?
How do you deal with it?
How do you prevent it?
Many times buyers in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County after having their offer accepted on a house they loved, begin to question their decision they have written an offer on. “Can I afford it?”  “Will something come along that is better?”  “Has the market hit the bottom?” These are all questions that may make buyers have a sudden attack of what is commonly called among Realtors as “Buyers Remorse.”
How do you handle it?
One of the things I do is first let them question … (35 comments)

washtenaw county: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County Market Reports for February - 03/16/08 06:24 AM
Below are the market reports with data from the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors and compiled my by my friend Todd Waller, of Big House Data.
A few things to point out from a historical perspective from 2005 to 2008:
Average list prices:              Average Sale Price       Average Days on Market   New Listings
2005 $286,800.                     $233,238.                      91                              628
2006 $274,919                      $226,707.                      93                              793
2007 $283,039.                     $247,108.                      99                              1373
2008 $ 255,827.                    $232,250.                     103                              727

Average List price is down 9.5% from February 2007 to February 2008.
Average Sales price is down 6% from February 2007 to February 2008.
Number of closed sales is down 9% … (5 comments)

washtenaw county: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County End of the Year Market Reports - 01/08/08 11:49 AM
Well, here it is the end of the year and the housing data is in.
Yes, we continued to sell homes in Ann Arbor, Michigan and throughout Washtenaw County. I know you are shocked by all the horror stories you read in the media. Oh well... people do need to move and buyers do need to buy.
Property in Washtenaw County, sold for 89% of asking price, with an average of 86 days on the market. Over one in 5 homes listed SOLD.
December ended with a 30% drop in listings in 2007, compared to December 2006. So even though our inventory was … (25 comments)

washtenaw county: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County July 2007 Market Reports - 08/14/07 10:00 AM
Find Current Market Reports for Ann Arbor
Wow, for 2 straight months now, the amount of homes listed in Washtenaw County, including Ann Arbor, MI has declined. That is great news. The Pfizer homes that are listed are selling first. Why? As I have posted for months now, they had the benefit of a "loss on sale" clause. So those sellers could price their homes the lowest in the subdivision and those homes are selling the fastest.
Case in point, I closed on a home purchased my Pfizer employees for 512,000 in Sept 2006, and my buyers were able to get … (30 comments)

washtenaw county: Ann Arbor Michigan and Washtenaw County June Market Data - 07/19/07 09:49 AM
Ann Arbor and all of Washtenaw County continues to feel the effects of the Pfizer move to Conn. These homes are so undervalued that buyers are snapping them up quickly. For instance, I have a transaction closing in August that the sellers paid 525,000 for last year and we are closing at 425,000. That is a great opportunity for my buyers and many other home buyers in Washtenaw County.
 The effects of this will take years to overcome and eventually these will be sold and off the market. Then sellers in those neighborhoods will be looking at appraisals coming in low and most … (17 comments)

washtenaw county: Following Up Leads With Guarantees - 07/02/07 02:45 PM
Here are some of the Guarantees that the Missy Caulk TEAM, in Ann Arbor, MI gives to leads that visit and register at one of our web-sites.
Search All Listings In Ann Arbor                                   
Buy Ann Arbor Real Estate
Missy Caulk TEAM
Saline-Houses For Sale
WE Guarantee You a Quick Response By Email When You Use One Of our Web Sites to Search For Homes.
We answer every email, personally and ASAP.
We will call you to see how we can further help you, if you leave us your phone number.
We will not distribute your email address to others, unless you request this. 
We will not set up any type … (151 comments)

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