mi: Mixpo to the Rescue - 04/26/08 07:48 AM
Today my daughter and I went out and shot a video of a home listed at 409 Fountain in Ann Arbor, MI. We are working with a client who is interested in this house and lives out of town.
We found out another person is flying in on Monday to look at it and we need to have her take a look in more detail, if she is going to purchase sight unseen.
I have been trying for an hour to get OUTLOOK to send a wva file out at 77MB.
The video of 409 Fountain would not post on YouTube because it … (58 comments)

mi: Taking the Plunge with Mixpo - 04/20/08 02:41 AM
My First Experiment with Mixpo

I took the plunge and ordered Mixpo from Activerain. Thanks to Brad Andersohn, walking me through it the first time, I was able to put this first video together. Brad promises me he is going to be doing a step by step tutorial on it. There are so many things you can do with it that it will take me some time playing around with it to get good. I think I deleted and started over so many times my eyes were crossed. Yea, I said "absolutely" way too much.

Last Saturday we … (57 comments)

mi: Real Estate Market Historically is like a Roller Coaster - 03/23/08 09:28 AM
Real Estate is Like A Roller Coaster

Friday night we were having dinner at Bridgewater Bank in Saline, MI. It was crazy snowing and the restaurant was not too crowded, so we lingered. No one was in a hurry to get out and scrape their windshieds to go home.

We were with Debi Gould and her husband Dan. Debi just recently signed up to begin blogging on Activerain, so if you get a minute go over and say hello and encourage her to continue to blog.

Dan and my husband Mike get along famously, which is … (29 comments)

mi: Part II of... Standing on the Empire State Building Throwing off 100.00 Bills - 03/16/08 01:03 PM
                                Part II of Standing on the Empire State Building.  (or pick up the phone and call them)
Yesterday, I received a inquiry from one of the sites I syndicate my listing to. She wanted to see my listing at 1216 Birk in Ann Arbor. She had requested on the showing request form that she preferred to be contacted by email.
Well, I am not going to email someone that I don’t know, have never talked to and say, “Sure, I’ll meet you at 1216 Birk in Ann Arbor, site unseen. I want to know who I am … (27 comments)

mi: A Great Way to Help your Buyers & Sellers - 03/07/08 05:14 AM
My web-master suggested a new site to me today so I wanted to share it with all my friends here. It is called Walk Score.
You can add any address where any of your listings are, or where your buyers are considering moving and it will give you the score for walking distance to groceries, drug stores, hardware stores, coffee shops, movies, schools, bars, parks, libraries and bookstores, including the distance to them.
In Ann Arbor, people love to be within walking distance to down-town and the University of Michigan. So those homes will typically sell for a higher price per … (69 comments)

mi: Gamers for Autism Tournament February 29th-March 2nd - 02/20/08 11:41 AM

In December 2006, Zak Wigel, walked into Saline Community Education Department and requested to use the gym to set up a Halo Tournament to raise money. He wanted to host a video gaming tournament to host a Halo Tournament. They got approved months in advance to use the gym. Zak put in $600.00 of his own money. After months of planning, two weeks before the tournament, in March, Zak was told to CANCEL THE TOURNAMENT!!
Read the entire history of how Gamers for Charity evolved. You can also listen to the podcast, it is a fascinating story. After making the … (22 comments)

mi: 305 Ideal in Milan, MI 48160 - 02/01/08 01:01 PM
On my last post, I announced my new listing, at 227 Ideal Street in Milan, MI. This is my second new listing this week in Milan, Mi. Yes, got them both in the same week and on the SAME STREET. I met these clients when they called me after seeing a home they liked on my web-site.
305 Ideal Street is a charming 1930's home with all the charm and character you would expect to find from the era. Beautiful living room with Oak bookcases, and beveled glass doors surrounding the fireplace. This home is within walking distance to schools, parks and … (18 comments)

mi: 227 Ideal Street in Milan, MI 48160 - 02/01/08 12:01 PM
This is such a cute starter home in Milan, MI. Milan is located about 5 miles South of Saline, MI. The family I have listed it for are wonderful. They moved here several years ago and he is with the United States Marines. They have two precious little girls, adopted from Guatelmala and are being relocated to California.
Now they need to sell their house. What a great home! Most houses that are older don't have two bathrooms but this one does, and it is completely remodeled with double vanities and a brand new finished basement complete with two brick fireplaces.
Milan is … (5 comments)

mi: Saline, Mi A great Place to Raise Your Family - 12/19/07 12:17 PM
I live in Saline, MI. It is a small, friendly community outside Ann Arbor, MI.
We moved here 14 years ago and have enjoyed everything about it. The schools are great, the teachers are great, the administration is great and is is so easy to get to know people. The Chamber of Commerce is very active and I served on the Board for 6 years.
Here is a little slide show of some of the schools, historic places, and things to do in Saline, MI.
If you are moving to the Ann Arbor, Saline area, you can search for homes here. This … (17 comments)

mi: Saline, MI First Snow Fall - 12/15/07 11:58 PM
Our first snow fall in Saline, MI.  Oh, we've had a few flurries... but his is the real thing.
My son, Jamie who is going into the Navy is home and his girlfriend who lives in Tennessee flew in for the weekend. Malena was born and raised in California.
Malena is sooooooo excited. It is hard not to pick up some of her excitement. Her excitement made me think of our 1st time home-buyers, how excited they are. Even though I mostly list, I still work with a few buyers that are past clients or referrals from other agents.
Buyers are so much … (37 comments)

mi: Over Full Price Offer Rejected in Ann Arbor Area "What"? - 12/13/07 10:43 PM
A house and five acres is listed at $79,900, and it is in foreclosure.
It was originally listed at $154,900 back in April.
Pattie, one of my Buyer Agents is working with some wonderful first time home buyers and even with a ton of work they want this house and land. It is in a very good school district. Only 2 bedrooms, on a crawl space, less than 1000 square feet and needs a ton of work.
In fact they want it so bad that they want to "pay over asking price."  The listing agent that represents the bank tells her another offer came in, but … (67 comments)

mi: Santa's Little Helper and 42 Christmas Trees - 12/13/07 11:20 AM
Running out of time in Ann Arbor, Michigan to get your presents wrapped? There is great little company that I found in Ann Arbor, Mi called, Santa's Little Helper.
Santa's Little Helper will come into YOUR home and wrap your presents, stuff your stockings. They are currently offering 10% off on all wrappings before December 15th, 2007. To see the prices, click here. 
I saw this on YouTube, a video of  Cindy Johnson who has 42 Christmas Trees in her home in Lyndon Township. Cindy is an IT Supervisor at Borders Corporate office in Ann Arbor, Mi. Lyndon Township is located in Washtenaw … (20 comments)

mi: Are you busy ? - 12/12/07 12:24 PM
I'm happy. 
Just wrote an offer yesterday, it is accepted. In Ann Arbor Michigan.
All terms and conditions met.
My buyer Agent  (one of them ) wrote an offer too.
Folks I am honestly NOT usually busy in December. I usually cook home-cooked meals. Go Christmas shopping, matter of fact....
I am one that advocates for boundaries. I wrote a post back in April.  "Are you Denny's or Outback."  Families come first etc.... blah, blah, blah.....
But........in this market we DO what we need to do.
Sorry kids, we had Taco's by candle light tonight. Seriously
But, hey I have happy buyers, they got 100% … (70 comments)

mi: It's A Wonderful Life in Saline, MI - 11/25/07 07:16 AM
Saturday, December 1st the 32nd annual Christmas Parade is coming to downtown Saline, Mi.
The theme for 2007 is "It's A Wonderful Life in Saline". The theme was chosen this year in honor of Saline, Mi being twice named in the Top 100 Cities my CNN/Money Magazine.
The parade will begin at 5:30, with Michigan Avenue being blocked off. But, you can come early and experience the "Hustle and Bustle" with music and street entertainment at various locations.
I started attending the Saline Christmas parade about 18 years ago. At that time, it was short and sweet. Now it is the … (53 comments)

mi: How will YOU Know when YOUR Market has Turned ? - 10/13/07 05:25 AM
We read so many posts here on Activerain, about the market, the inventory, the lack of buyers, frustrated sellers, the economy, and the sub-prime mortgage industry, foreclosures, and the media. 
There is tons of finger pointing.........the buyers signing things they didn't understand, the lenders for selling mortgages to uncredit worthy people, the appraisers for appraising houses higher than they should have, Realtors pricing too high. We have seen and read it all.
As a licensed Broker, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we saw the market turn back in summer of 2001. Yes, I said summer of 2001, before 9-11. For example, I … (83 comments)

mi: President Bush to speak on Sub-Prime Lending and Adjustable Mortgages - 08/31/07 12:06 AM
I heard a quick sound bite this morning, upon awakening. Today at 11:00 EST, President Bush will speak on mortgage issues and what can be done to stop the amount of foreclosure's occurring.
On my station, it was specifically mentioned Michigan and Ohio,where the amount of foreclosure's are killing our markets.
As many of us know, many adjustable rates are starting to come up for adjustments now and through 2008. The policy is set to have the Federal Government guarantee loans for those at least 90 days behind on their payments.
I am going to tune in and just wanted to post this … (46 comments)

mi: Ann Arbor RE/MAX, New Office, New Manager - 08/21/07 11:16 PM
Last week, we had a Grand Opening of our new office in Ann Arbor, Mi., RE/MAX Platinum - Ann Arbor. It was a celebration and a welcome reception to our new Manager, Gregg Koepp. We actually moved a few months ago but it took awhile to get all the decorating and the furnishing finished. We invited all the agents in our board, 1200 of them, our Board Staff and all the affiliates in our board. Affliates are members of the Ann Arbor Board but are title company people, lenders, stagers, inspectors.
The turn out was amazing. I kept thinking about how … (15 comments)

mi: Washtenaw Dairy- Ann Arbor Michigan " The Real Scoop" - 08/19/07 09:05 AM
 Washtenaw Dairy in Ann Arbor, MI is with out a doubt THE best place to get ice-cream. Started in 1934, it is a legend in Ann Arbor, MI. It is owned by two partners Jim Smith and Doug Raba, and many of the employees have been there for 30-40 years.
Jim, one of the owners born in 1952, can remember his dad making the ice-cream and milk. Horses use to bring the milk to the dairy in 10 gallon cans and it was homozenized on the spot.
In 1976, the volume was too demanding so they sold or "farmed" out … (39 comments)

mi: Ann Arbor 2nd Quarter Inventory and Sales Reports - 07/27/07 10:12 AM
Ann Arbor Michigan, is still experiencing a buyers market. There are some great opportunities for  first time home buyers. Several years back, it was impossible to purchase a home in Ann Arbor for under 200,000. If one came on the market..........it had multiple offers. Now if you are a buyer you have 30 or more to choose from.
This market data, is taken from the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors MLS data and is put together according to the 9 areas in Ann Arbor. If you picture a wheel with spokes in the wheel you will see how it all comes together … (8 comments)

mi: Following Up Leads With Guarantees - 07/02/07 02:45 PM
Here are some of the Guarantees that the Missy Caulk TEAM, in Ann Arbor, MI gives to leads that visit and register at one of our web-sites.
Search All Listings In Ann Arbor                                   
Buy Ann Arbor Real Estate
Missy Caulk TEAM
Saline-Houses For Sale
WE Guarantee You a Quick Response By Email When You Use One Of our Web Sites to Search For Homes.
We answer every email, personally and ASAP.
We will call you to see how we can further help you, if you leave us your phone number.
We will not distribute your email address to others, unless you request this. 
We will not set up any type … (185 comments)

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