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Good morning everyone-I had heard from some folks that Lantana attracts butterflies and even hummers I think so when I happened to see these on clearance for a low price I decided to get 3 for a spot next to my orange butterfly weed. When I purchased them they were fairly small but in good condit...
Good morning everyone-As some of you know I visited Colorado last year in August and had a grand time and got to meet 4 Active Rainers. Mary Douglas was the first. She lives in Glacier Meadow Colorado. She is way up in the mountains and it is a beautiful place to call home. The second two I got t...
Good evening friends-While sortings thru 100's of cards today I came across this quote. It didn't mention a author but I wanted to share it anyways."The greatest gift of this day is the day itself" Hope you enjoyed every beautiful moment of your day and the blessing it brought to you and yours. S...
Brave man Michael.       There are days when it seems as if I have more questions than answers to go around. One of the questions that most likely has plagued man for eons is, “Why are women bitchy?” Were they just born that way? Is it because women are judged on their looks and not on their inte...
Good morning everyone-I have had these plants for 2 yrs now maybe three. I lose track of how long ago I plant things. The reason  I planted these particular plants is because they attract butterflies and hummers but bees like them too.They are also pretty and fairly long lasting. Last yr I notice...
Good afternoon everyone-I am thankful for these things and so much more on this Thursday and everyday. On my last post a thank you to Tammy Lankford because of her post or comment I found out the right way to tag someone. On that same post in the comment section I also learned more from Michael J...
Good morning everyone-When Active Rain added the tagging ability to the mix I didn't really participate very much. One of the main reasons I didn't was because of the way I thought it had to be done and that is I would have to have 2 AR windows open and go over the person's profile page and copy ...
Good morning everyone-The week of July 20-24 2015 I visited 4 gardens and the biggest one was at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA.  The picture on the right is what it looked like when it was purchased in 1906 by Pierre du Pont.  It has come a "long ways baby" as they say since this picture ...
Good morning everyone-On a recent trip I experienced for the first time seeing butterflies in a butterfly house. It is rather like a greenhouse for butterflies with plants and such that butterflies love. It was so fun and so cool to have all these different butterflies flitting all around you. Th...
Good morning everyone-I have had this Rose of Sharon Shrub for two yrs now. It is supposed to be a 3 in 1 but so far there have only been two colors which is fine. This yr however the weight of it made it fall over. I have had several of my Rose of Sharon Shrubs do it. Rather a pain in the butt.T...

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