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Ok you read it here first. This "economic melt down" or recession  will end when the the US housing market bottoms out. Actually when you think about it it's pretty simple. The economic boom of the past 7 or 8 years was driven in large part by US households who accounted for most of the spending ...
Wow. So I spoke too soon. The Bank of Canada suprised most analysts today by failing to lower rates. The US Fed has stated that interest rates will be going up. An analyst that I heard on the radio today stated that mortgage rates will rise over the next 2 years possibly by as much as 2-3 % point...
Hello Blog Readers, I'm really encouraged by the current trend of falling interest rates. I just renewed my own personal mortgage last week. We managed to negotiate a full .9% off of prime for a closed 5 year variable rate mortgage. That equates to 3.85% and prime is projected to fall even furthe...
When to invest in an income property. Most people know that real estate is a great investment. Over time it's a great way to build equity. In fact for most people, their home is their largest single investment. With the variety of equity financing vehicles available from Canadian banks, homeowner...

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