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Looks like our year end stats for local agents are in and the numbers can be confusing. Basically they say our total number of units closed in 07 were down by over 2%. However the average sold price is up and the total dollars sold is up. What is happening?  Pretty simple...... Prices are up,  an...
For 25 years I was involved in property management. We owned and operated both for ourselves, and investor clients.  About 3 years ago I said that's it . We are done . No More.  Done.Well we are back at it!  We have just hired one of the top property managers in town and are very proud to have he...
Has anyone out there ever seen a world record set by anyone?When I was a teen Dad took me to a track and field meet at A&M. Back then not many folks went to those meets but on this day there were a few extras. What was unique was that Dad indicated we might see a new world record that day. I wond...
It has always amazed me the different approaches agents take when working with their clients. Recently an agent delivered an offer to our firm. It was on an investment property and was from a purchaser that had never viewed the property, or even seen current income/ expense data. Now I can deal w...
The same old ways of selling real estate  don't work anymore. least not all the time. We all are getting educated fast. The  markets are  changing all around the USA. Some areas are doing way better than others but it would certainly be foolhardy for anyone to assume that their area is ...

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