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The word now-a-days is " Short Sale"  Well I have been a short seller for years. That is right. I used to be 5'-9''.  Now I am 5'-8 1/4''.  It is a known fact ...people get shorter as they grow older. I certainly have!    On a serious note I understand the concept of short sale. Nothing new here....
When I saw the Basketball team's rating after the loss streak they have experienced recently I told myself to stop being negative about the team, and think positive. They were still up there in the ratings,  so I figure the experts know more than me.....give them a chance.The word around our offi...
Doesn't matter if your an individual or an agent, referrals are one of the cornerstones of a good balanced real estate business portfolio.  These can come from various sources including friends, relatives, other agents, other firms, franchise connections, relocation companies, and others. But hop...
We are really proud to announce that Mary Derkowski has joined or company as our property manager. Welcome  Mary!Mary  Derkowski began her career in 1983. Mary had the privilege to manage and lease a diversified portfolio in excess of 1000 properties.  During the foreclosure wave in the early 90s...
There are agents who actually believe the following is a deductible item for income tax purposes. What Do you say?Manicures.I don't like arguing with anyone on something like this..... but on tax issues you can't afford to be wrong.There are other items that agents have told me they write off on ...
Wonderful One Owner 1970's home located in College Station just minutes from Texas A&M University.Have you got students needing housing while attending the University?Take a look!Fun Place!3 or 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, @ Dining, Large Den, plus a loft area,  a 2 car attached garage, and 2 porch roo...
Funny how roles can inadvertently be reversed in the learning process... the teacher can become the "taught."Every Tuesday for the last 10 years we have held a special training for newbies in the office.  My business partner and I have always felt this is an extremely important weekly session tha...
Today  I decided to pick up on several projects at home and forget work for a few hours. I forgot how much I like playing mechanic. My tractor equipment needed working over so I sharpened blades on the bush hog, greased all the fittings, oiled rusty stuff, and so forth. Then fired up the tractor ...
One of our political office candidates recently took this stance.   And  he was right about one thing... all of the Presidential candidates talk about Change.  Now I am all for change. But it has got to be based on logic and good common sense...not just because someone says I need to.  Show me.As...
Foreclosure is never really over when it's over. It is like a Bad Divorce   I have seen a bad divorce drag on for 20 years. Fighting ,bickering, more lawsuits... In forclosure ...Just because the mortgagee has gotten his collateral back and resold it, doesn't necessarily mean case closed. Some of...

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