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Everynow and then I like to just stop, take a deep breath, relax and ask myself... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?       So by taking a bird's eye view of what is going on in my daily, weekly, and monthly routine I can see if I am spinning my wheels or really staying on  track  and then  I have to ask myself...
Having grown up around the construction business, and having worked with innumerable contractors in home building and property management , one thing is crystal clear: A dependable, affordable, honest tradesman is worth his weight in gold. I have used a number of contractors and vendors for over ...
I have always had a love affair for trees. I love watching them grow from saplings until they are stately and tall .  Of course that can take a while!  Still, we can go back to some of the subdivisions  we worked on years ago and those trees that were pencil size  then, now are towering over two ...
We have a nest of swallows on our back porch. We finally gave up trying to run them off so we lost again this year. They managed to build it and did so  where we can watch the baby birds grow from our bedroom. We can actually lie in bed and observe them growing daily..  Amazing how quickly the gr...
The 4th of July in Texas is always a petty hot time, both temperature wise and activity wise. Many Texans head to the lake, ice down some watermelons, and fire up the ol smokey pit. Small communities in Texas like many accross America honor the day  we celebrate the birth of freedom in America, w...
We have cats. Four to be precise. And I believe there are 3 things a cat should  absolutely be able to do  to really be a full fledged cat. Know to run away from dogs. Deal with Mice and other vermin. Climb Trees. My personal cat...Mac came from a shelter. After getting him I  soon realized that ...
Located in central Bryan, just off FM 2818, this vacant 20 acres is zoned industrial and would be an ideal location for any number of businesses. Construction related business, auto repair, or machinery rentals would be ideal users for this tract. Just a short drive from College Ave, Texas A&M U...
Yes you have heard the ads . Bring us your old gold, your broken gold and silver! For quick cash call 1800-You Sucker! That's right you have old gold lying around the house gathering dust. Trade it in for some CASH and then gert some new gold for yourself! I am really growing tedious of hearing t...

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