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Vancouver Real Estate and Homelessness by Mike Stewart By Mike Stewart Homelessness is huge in Downtown Vancouver and is caused by a lack of funding for social housing and facilities/treatment for the addicted and the mentally ill. Changes in building codes and slum clearance have also reduced th...
Building Inspections by Mike Stewart Vancouver Realtor By Mike Stewart If you’re going to buy property in Vancouver ALWAYS GET A BUILDING INSPECTION BY A REGISTERED AND QUALIFIED BUILDING INSPECTOR! Don’t use you Dad’s buddy who used to be a plumber in the 70’s, don’t use your brother-in-law who’...
American buyers are back in the Vancouver Condo Market in 2009! By Mike Stewart American buyers are back in the Vancouver Condo Market! A good exchange rate for US buyers and the fact that some individuals and companies Stateside are weather the storm well means our American friends and neighbour...
Inflation and Vancouver Real Estate - Will Inflation be an Issue 2-3 years out? By Mike Stewart Stimulus packages coupled with ultra low interest rates are attempts by national governments and central banks to reflate economies around the world. If these efforts are successful (I think they will)...
Why I think Stimulus is Justified By Mike Stewart I recently posted on the stimulus packages being enacted around the world and it generated alot of conversation, which is great and I thank all those who participated.
1372 Seymour Street, Downtown Vancouver Urban Garden and Onni Development Site by Mike Stewart Vancouver Realtor By Mike Stewart Recent Blog Post about Community Gardens on my website.
The Global Fiscal Stimulus and what it means for Vancouver Real Estate by Mike Stewart Vancouver Rea By Mike Stewart The global recession has caused national governments around the world to enact huge stimulus packages to get their economies going. See my recent blog post for more information.
Price Momentum in Vancouver Real Estate - Its Falling Now, But When it Goes Up We Won't Know Until A By Mike Stewart When will Vancouver Real Estate hit bottom? That is a question I get asked all the time. I share my thoughts on this in my recent blog post.
he Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson - Recommended by Mike Stewart Vancouver Realtor By Mike Stewart The Ascent of Money. Wow! What a book! I read this book when I was away in Mexico growing this crazy red beard you see me with in all my recent videos. My recent blog post about Real Estate Market...
Prices are coming down in the Vancouver real estate market and there are great deals to be had by lowballing. My recent video blog post about Lowball Offers gives a great explanation. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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