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For the past two and a half years,  we have been providing Broker Price Opinions to some of the nations largest lenders. Approximately two thirds of these reports are exterior reports, meaning, the owner/ occupant of the home and listing agent (if the home is on the market) have no idea regarding...
BRAC Update The Base Realignment planned for the Ft Meade area in Odenton, MD is beginning to show some traction. According to recent reports, the Spring of 2010 will produce 300-400 new job transfers to the area. This is a very small piece to the pie that will ultimately bring an estimated 22,00...
Spring Time is Here!! With the arrival of spring it is a great time to get the kids and yourselves out of the house.  Kinder Farm Park in Millersville is a great place to go.  The park borders the city of Severna Park and the several communities. Kinder Farm Park is a part of the Anne Arundel Par...
We are pounded constantly by advertising and marketing and occasionally a good scam. I can recall a couple of years ago a beautiful vintage Fender Stratocaster that I nearly fell for that fell in the category of "too good to be true." Thankfully I woke up once I read the phrase "Western Union" th...
Alright everyone, we know we have plenty of inventory to sell right now in most markets.Yet we still have our fair share of listings on the market that we are working on selling. I want to hear the craziest tactic you have employed to move one of your listings! Don't be shy, fire away!  
Have You Ever Done a Transcation With This Agent? We know who these agents are, $100 Gazillion in sales last year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Hall of Fame, blah, blah, blah blah blah! How is it that agents like these are still kissing themselves in the mirror attempting to convince the public ho...
One of the primary reasons for the taking the time to write our goals and taking the time to review is to chart our course: to give us an understanding of where we are heading. Sometimes we get off track and our goals act as a gps to "recalculate" and steer us in the right direction. Last week, I...
It seems no matter where you turn, the downturn of the global economy has been blamed on the collapse of the credit and real estate markets. Certainly lending did get out of hand and homes were used as ATM's for far too long. However, the link to gas prices and the collapse of the financial marke...
I have to admit, I am skeptical! I am the type to sit on the sidelines until I understand something before jumping in with two feet. And with this skepticism comes my first blog post on Active Rain. Yes, I have known about the site and service for quite some time and have turned to it in the past...

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