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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Northern Virginia, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.
Canter Estates, Stephen City, VA 22655 has had a great six months beginning October 2018 to March 2019. Homeowners who are thinking of selling in the Spring selling season have the potential of a more profitable sale over the past two years. The average sales price is up 7% year to year. For more...
Over the weekend, I dropped by Home Depot to pick up a few items. While I was searching for a specific tool in the heavenly tool department, I noticed a dad and a little girl. She was around 4-5. She had on a leprechaun hat and a cute little green dress, and to top it off, she and her dad both ha...
If there is one thing my agents hear me say over and over, it is, "What does the contract say?" We're in a business that is dependent on all players responding to details laid out in a contract. Over the past year, I've seen more agents outside of my office try to ignore what's in contracts, or t...
OK, I know this is off topic for a real estate website, but let me offer a piece of free advice. Please, please, please, do your eulogizer a favor. I'll get to the favor in a second. Saturday, I found out that an old friend passed away. His family called and asked if I would conduct the service, ...
Stephens City, VA is one of the most popular communities in the Winchester-Frederick County, VA real estate market. It currently makes up 29% of local real estate sales, and new construction if booming. It is close to multiple highways that give commuters great access to the DC Metro area, and th...
When I started my brokerage, I had no intention of bringing on additional agents. I had a number of agents from my previous office ask to come along with me, but they didn't do anything in the previous office, so I declined their requests. That may sound harsh, and maybe a little selfish, but I'm...
Today, I received the sad news that a local business is closing this week. I told my wife last week that I didn't see them lasting much longer. This business had been a thriving business since the 1960s. I can remember going to it as a kid and buying candy and sodas. What went wrong?I hesitate to...
I love living in this time in history. I love the technology we have available to us. I love the speed at which things happen, and I credit the Internet with a lot of the progress. It has added an incredible dimension to our time. It's amazing.With that said, I also find the time we're living in ...
The third transaction that I loved was with a young school teacher. Her friends had bought a home with me, and they recommended me to her. She was so nervous, she seemed to be shaking when we met up.The very first house she looked at was a great deal and she immediately put an offer on it. It rec...
One of the craziest transactions I have ever done included so many moving parts that you felt like you needed a program to make it work. I received a call from a potential buyer who would only be in town one day and needed to look at houses. He was moving from another state, and his job didn't al...

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