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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Northern Virginia, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.
The Covid-19 virus has quarantined much of the nation. For some, the quarantine is like being grounded while in high school. For others, my wife for instance, it's a gift. No matter how you mentally handle this time of social distancing, what you do with this time could be an awesome benefit when...
 The Hidden Blessings in this CrisisThere are many reasons to be concerned with the Covid-19 crisis our country is going through, but there are a lot of reasons to have hope. While the talking heads in Washington are trying to work out the details for solutions, think on these things:         The...
Can I buy or sell a home during the Coronavirus quarantine period?Can I buy or sell a home during the Coronavirus quarantine period? Absolutely! There are a few things to think about when house shopping during this time, for instance:Your Realtor can Facetime or Skype with you during a showing. W...
Use this current downtime to prepare your home to sellThis is an unusual time in the United States. States and localities are closing down just about everything in an effort to keep citizens from spreading the corona-virus. Ironically, this time is giving many Americans the perfect opportunity to...
This business never fails to amaze me. Just about the time I think I've seen it all, a series of days come along and prove that I haven't seen anything yet. I have a few home inspectors who call me regularly to ask questions about electrical things they run into. A recent call dealt with a Push-O...
I always encourage my buyers to have a home inspection. The inspectors who work with me are a very select group that I've hand picked based upon certain criteria in they put in their reports. I've fired a few in the past when they deviated from that criteria, but overall, I'm very thankful for th...
I have a property that I'm getting ready to list, but it has been held up by nearly everything you can imagine. It's my property. So, that makes it a little easier to deal with, but that also makes it a financial drain when it should have been sold already. Initially, my painter had a heart-attac...
In my past thirty years of real estate experience, I've learned so many things. One thing I continue to learn is to never say, "I've seen it all." Just about the time I say that, I can hear a distant voice off in the shadows say, "Here, hold my beer."This week, my selling client received a letter...
Endre Barath, Jr., challenged us to recount the things we did or changed in the past year or two that worked for us. I'm not sure I could put all of the changes in a single blog, but let me share a few things that have changed for the better.One, I took a blow torch to my marketing over the past ...
I wrote this post in 2013. I would offer the same encouragement in 2020. Have an incredible year. Be blessed. Be a blessing and make the world a better place.  1. Focus - Determine what your distractions are and eliminate as many as possible. Some things are just that, distractions, and they chea...

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