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Please join Compass Saginaw Christian Business Alliance for a free special guest Speaker. Marty Doorn is the owner and founder of WGRT 102.3FM Radio since 1991. He is a gifted speaker with great insight into being a Christian in the workplace. Don't miss this special guest speaker. Please join us...
In a related article to my earlier blog post, the Insurance Journal has another very interesting topic about hiring vets. Both companies and agencies are looking to veterans when looking for talent. This is a great idea. I am proud that my industry supports our heros and heroines. Here's the link...
You know, I am proud of my profession, and my fellow agents, but there are times when I am especially proud to be an insurance agent. These two insurance agents in Fort Meyers, Florida have really gone a step above. They have created the "Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers", DVIC. "If the agents...
This explained the situation a bit better for me.  I understand a little now. This is still a very broad and somewhat vague article though. I am still reserving judgement on this until I find out even more particulars.  On the face, the laws seem reasonable, but the devil is in the details!     T...
I have been reading a bit about the whole Wikipedia blackout thing. It is in prostest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intelectectual Property Act). On the surface the bills sound good to me. Who doesn't want to stop the foreign internet theives? They are a cancer to our society...
Another good article in the Insurance journal. This one is about a break-way order of Amish in Kentucky and how their men are refusing to put orange reflective triangles on their buggys for safety. Tese Amish men view it as their religious right not to "adorn" their buggies. Apparently there have...
Here is another great article that is in the insurance Journal today. (A lot of great articles in this edition.) This one is dealing with the Carnival Cruise ship that ran aground on Monday. This article deals with the financial catastrophe that faces Carnival and the rest of the Crusing industry...
This is a great article fromthe Insurance Journal. It is a composite of 2011's Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame inductees. Some are funny. Some are very, very sad.  It never fails to amaze me what some people, in the absense of morals, will do for money. You can fin the original article at: http://w...
What is an Annuity? Maury Davis, CIC, (989)220-6157, Vice President, Future Insurance Agency, Saginaw, Michigan An annuity is a contract in which an individual agrees to pay premiums to an insurance company and receives, in exchange, a regular stream of income payments from the issuer. What is a...
Another Update from Gov. Snyder, good news! Michigan job growth outpaces U.S. After I was elected governor but before I took office, I read a financial report that predicted Michigan would rank dead last in job creation in 2011. At the time, I remember saying to my staff, “This is fiction.  It’s ...

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