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Your opinions please.   As we all know there is a current crisis in the mortgage and real estate industry.  Foreclosures are on the rise, home prices are dropping and many people find themselves in loans that they cannot really afford.  Who do you think is responsible for this and what can we do...
Potential borrowers often wonder where they should go when shopping for a mortgage.  If they are buying a home should they go with their Realtor's mortgage person?  Should they visit their local bank?  Call one of those large national mortgage companies who advertise on TV?  What about a mortgag...
  It's no secret.  Buying a home is not as easy as it used to be.  Gone are the days when you could NOT have perfect credit, NOT document your income, NOT put any money down and still get a loan.  As a result, real estate agents are starting to notice that what would have once been a slam-dunk de...