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I am trying to get a sense of how much money agents and REO brokers spend with their REO listings.  With these listings come certain expenses such as power/water/lawn etc and mild repairs on house on occasion.  So on average what is everyone putting into these listings?  I know the power gets tur...
My question is how did realtors get a bad name?  Who was that guy, or girl that really set a bad taste in people that they can't trust us.  We are just people all the same with one goal in mind right?  Isn't it to make money for our families to survive?  Time and time again people look at us as s...
I am a very young and ambitious real estate agent who is looking to get into the REO side of things with Real Estate.  I have been doing a lot, and I mean a lot of research on this and find there is an enormous amount of information.  No, I haven't been in real estate for very long but I am more ...
I am breaking into the REO side of things and I am trying to reach out to companies so I can start doing BPO's for them.  My hard work and diligence is almost un-matchable.  I am a very thorough agent and am looking for as much work as possible.  If anything comes to mind for anyone please do not...
The real beauty of Florida, especially Brevard County isn't necessarily the beach. There's a little diamond in the rough in this county I call Scottsmoor.  Scottsmoor is a place I am extremely knowledgeable about.  It isn't just because I lived there for over 15 years but because it really is one...
So what is the so called "secret to listings" because I dont like secrets.  It seems I call every expired I can without them being on the do not call list and I still get nothing.  I send numerous emails to FSBO's with no response.  I even pass out flyers.  So what am I doing wrong?  Should I jus...
Do online lead generators really work?  I have scanned the internet and found countless sites stating they will deliver as many leads as I can possibly handle for a small fee.  Now, if I was able to get legitimate leads from these sites I would be more than willing to fork over my money for this ...
While checking listings in the local MLS I always see a lot of foreclosures out there being sold by a select few realtors.  How did these realtors become the sole choice of banks to use when selling their foreclosures.  How does a realtor get the chance to be the banks choice to sell these forecl...
With all the the so called "bubble" talk calming down, is it finally going to return to a good market for real estate again?  Now I didnt receive my license until last August but I know things were pretty slow.  After the new year passed the phones started to ring again.  Is this a sign of things...
I have a client and we currently have a contract for a short sale under PHH bank but it is taking a really long time.  Has anyone ever had to deal with this bank, and if so what was your outcome?  Any insight would be very helpful.

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