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 More Midweek MusingsWhen A DumbphoneBecomes Adorkable. . .    Beyond idiomatically, the word seems to be "on the street".  And it appears there are some words and terms joining the race where references to this, that and thereabouts exist.   Recently, I saw an online announcement that Merriam-We...
 Hello OctoberOne Mo Time. . .   Recently, I finished a book written by Mo Rocca. Titled Mobituaries Great Lives Worth Reliving, it is co-authored by Jonathan Greenberg. It provides an opportunity to glean a different perspective when looking beyond an obituary.   Although well-researched, each c...
  Looking Back While Moving Forward  A visit down any random rabbit hole or a stroll on a pondering path can lead to endless opportunities for discovery.  The result may not be entirely new. Actually, it can be a fond remembrance or a recollection that is fuzzier than clearly in focus.  And then ...
  Yet Another Way Of Expressing Thankfulness. . . I have been thinking.  In particular how one thought can lead to a different one.  Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking - just another day for that pondering, wondering and wandering guy.  Fast forward from my random recollections to Satu...
 Bearly Noticeable. . .  As we know, stuff of all kinds happens. And it seems to occur regularly. Spelling errors and mixed-up use of words are just two of the many examples. Such blunders may even be intentional.  Perhaps it's meant to illustrate a point or maybe for some other reason.   And the...
  Methods of AttachmentIt is generally accepted that property falls into categories classified as real or personal.  In real estate, methods of attachment may enter the discussion. Of course, in everyday life, attachment can be both real and quite personal. And simultaneously too.  In this regard...
 Beyond The Bark. . .You may have heard that a bark is worse than a bite.  Interpretations of anything written or said can lead to all sorts of thinking.  On and off-topic.   Today, I am not wondering about barking dogs but the stories from bark on trees.  Perhaps the sounds and the symbolism the...
 Seeing Strength. . . As we know stuff of all kinds happens.  With and without a reason.  It occurs all around us.  If we are careful in our observation, we notice that it is discerned differently by each of us.  Signs of strength occur in many ways too.  Seeing signs of any kind may be difficult...
  Meanwhile, I Muse. . . It’s Monday.  And it seems like musing might “work” today.  Truth be told, it can take place any day or to move along with that alliterative theme - any moment.    As I have expressed on numerous occasions (many, maybe a multitude), I digress in my own meandering manner. ...
 A Movie About The FourthSeen On The Third And Now A Bit Later. . .  On Sunday, I saw a newly released film “The Fourth of July”.  It is an independent movie. Not big budget nor star-studded.  Although I am well-aware that few (if any) here or elsewhere will see it, it was enjoyable for me.  As I...

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