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Constructing Thoughts. . .Raising Some Issues On ConstructionNew And OtherwisePlus Being Local I think it is evident that differences - noticeable as well as those not-so-easily-identifiable are a part of life.  How many times can I possibly compare real life and real estate? There have been seem...
  About Allowances. . . Well that’s a subject that can prompt many reactions, isn't it? Far beyond real estate and even real life.    When it comes to allowances - we may be the one providing or receiving them.  Monetarily(fiscally) and perhaps physically too. We make allowances for things, circu...
A Different WizardBehind The CurtainNow It’s Really Time ForThat Visit to Aahs! While some may wish to seek the identity of what is beyond “the curtain” there are those who can delight in more ordinary adventures.  Yes, it truly takes all kinds.  And the definition of what “it” is could be explor...
 Pondermust. . .   Wanderlust has been defined as the strong desire to travel.  Maybe ponderlust is that desire to wonder.  Perhaps while wandering.    With a bit of re-imagining of that initial idea, I think the word pondermust may deserve a place in my vocabulary. Not just a desire or a suggest...
A Typical Book ReviewSurely You Jest. . . When I first read the announcement of this month’s contest, I knew I wanted to participate but the “how” in achieving it would be another story.  Some thoughts and the assembling of parts have come together as this post is now “ready”.   More or less.   I...
A Comparative Advantage. . . I dare not go to any discussion of Economics.   There are far more informed people on the topic(and countless other subjects).  The other day, I read an article and comparative advantage was mentioned.  It was a distant memory but it was kinda nice to recognize a term...
That Trip To The ThesaurusAnd Beyond. . .     If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.  George Bernard Shaw  I am not sure when I first knew of this quote but I did recall previously seeing it as it recently reappeared for...
 Pondering Queries. . .  Questions are asked.  Answers are provided.  Pontification begins.  Random thoughts and many aspects of randomness enter the picture.  Maybe even a cloud and then a crowd appear with a twist of arithmetic in the mix. There is too much "going on".   Or so it seems.Division...
 Lessons Learned And Taught. . .   Sometimes the differences are truly transparent.  Lessons are learned and teaching moments are taught.  Sometimes these occurrences seem to exist simultaneously.   It is not so unusual to see examples where one plays the part of the pupil as well as the educator...
 A Wedding In Skokie. . .   I am not sure what brought forth that memory but there “it” was.  I am pretty sure it was August but I am positive it was 1985 and it had been quite the year.  It was also a year where I was twice a member of a wedding party.  Not so unusual for a person in his twentie...

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