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Have You Ever Noticed?Words Of Wisdom on a WednesdayHave you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? Thank you George Carlin for these memorable and insightful words.  The image in this post is from canstockphoto.com.   
 Pardon My French. . . Of course I know people who speak French with many levels of fluency.  Admittedly, I am not one of them. In fact with the exception of some well-known (maybe even cliche) terms, I "got nothing" but a bad Maurice Chevalier impersonation that I haven't attempted to use in dec...
 Upshots, Offshoots AndOther Shots In The Dark The way things connect and interrelate is interesting to me.  I can’t say it is always understandable.  But it is definitely interesting.    Kinda like hunches, gut reactions and seemingly solvable mysteries they remain a constant companion. And unli...
The PowerOf An ActiveRain ReBlog. . .    While I don’t participate in the ActiveRain practice of re-blogging on a structured basis, I do understand how the power of doing so might attract members.    The benefits extend beyond the points that can accumulate over time but also serve as a way to so...
 Both Sides Then And Again Now. . .  I am not totally sure of why this post title came to me but it did.  I guess post titles mean something.  Feelings too.  Definitely memories.    This post title is based upon a memory from long ago yet it remains quite current in my thinking today. I have shar...
 Pondering Paradox. .   The other day an article captured my attention but before we go “there” when does a plural of a word become problematic?  At times it can be perplexing or confounding(even confusing).   Although I tried to keep my attention on the subject at hand where the bigger topic of ...
Wanderful WednesdayNot Wordless At All. . .    Last week, it was my reply to a comment by Mark Don McInnes, Sandpoint that brought back a recent memory that I had filed under that draft section in my mind where ideas can be found.   A few days earlier, Carol Williams included the same quote I had...
 The Dog Days. . .  Yes, on this thirty-first day, the dog days of August may be coming to a close but the puppy tales and the many memories we experienced need not end.  They can become a part of us.   Like every month, we are responsible for that.  And regarding memories, here is a quote that k...
 A Is For AcceptanceAnd A Whole Lot More. .  In my time here, I have written about all sorts of “A” related-words.  We definitely meet many type A people in real estate and real life but today I am thinking of acceptance.  I have already addressed Attitude and Adjustment.  Anomalies, Alliteration...
What’s In A Name. . .Names have recently been on my mind.  Specifically baby names and the choices that make their appearance known.  And likely far before the delivery by that stork at the intended destination.     Years ago, I remember when I first heard the name of the new addition to a client...

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