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On Placing Limits In All Forms And Being Unleashed. . .    Unleashed is a pet store within the greater Petco family of pet-related retailers.  Prior to entering their store, you are greeted with a sign that reads something like this: Unleashed is a feeling but being leashed in our store is the la...
 If You Listen. . .   When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know.  But if you listen, you may learn something new. Attributed to Dalai Lama When it comes to the power of listening, careful listening, there is nothing quite as important in my opinion. When we aim for better unders...
 The Price of Pluck Per Pound. . .   For some reason - I kept the following quote.   Pondering potential?  Perhaps.  A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.    Attributed to(as our wise friend, AR Ambassador Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS now includes in his posts):     James A Garfield When i...
  Storage Spaces And Such. . . I have never had a space in one of the many such storage facilities that exist in our area and across the country but I am well aware that I may be “alone” since many people do.  But beyond the storage of things, I was thinking about the storage of ones own car the ...
The Knot. . . We likely know the  significance of the knot.  The fastening of it can bring fascinating results.  When observed in the form of a necktie, it can be a statement that makes an impression.   Or a knot can be a mess - think of tangled hair - total disarray.  Maybe even disaster.  Anoth...
   Make.  Believe. And The Importance of PunctuationAnd Pause. . .  Make and Believe       Separately they may conjure up a multitude of images in ones mind while placing them together as "make believe" can put our brain in a different place.  The importance, maybe even power, of punctuation caus...
 Let Me Sleep On It. . .   Whether it's the words in this post title or something similar, we may often see/hear clues that speak volumes.    No immediate decision is forthcoming.    Picking up such clues certainly has much to do with time on this planet with experiences learned(or taught) as wel...
 All The World Words Of Wisdom On A Wednesday. . .A Double Dose Today Because I Think A Bit Of Insight Makes ItNecessary (Or So It Seems)“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed”  Sean O’Casey Okay, maybe I don't agree with "all" of this quote as it also references "mos...
   Sense of Purpose PonderingWords Of Wisdom On A Wednesday. . .   Your journey is not the same as mine.And my journey is not the same as yours but if you meet me on a certain path may we encourage each other.Author UnknownThe image in this post is from canstockphoto.com.     Posted: September 22...
Me, MyselfAnd Some Thoughts On The Letter “I”... It is well-known by most that using the “I” word too often is ill-advised. This post isn’t about that.  Not exactly although my ideas(far beyond fuzzy feelings) are clearly inserted here and there as self-realization moves from that place of contin...

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