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Insurance blog for Commercial Property insurance updates, Miami Insurance updates and Florida Insurance updates. As well as information on general property insurance topics to help realtors and real estate professionals become more informed when helping their clients. Form ALC Risk Solutions in Miami, Florida.
Joe Stack’s Plane Crash and Suicide Note   It appears that the plane crash in Austin, Texas was a criminal act against the IRS by a Joseph Andrew Stack from  Austin, Texas. A Joe Stack posted a suicide note on the website . On an insurance standpoint, if this act is ruled as ...
State Farm auto insurance rates in Florida are about to increase. I don't mean to focus all of my intention on State farm insurance in Florida, see my article State Farm Homeowners Insurance in Florida. But no matter how you look at it, it's not great to be a Florida State Farm Insurance customer...
Dear Blogger... Things just aren't working out between us anymore. I feel like I'm maturing and your just the same blogger you were back when you met Google. And, well, I met someone else. Yeah, it's Wordpress. I know what I said about Wordpress before, that it seemed too complicated and "who nee...
Miami Business Coaching is a new blog by Andrew Cohn, CEO and President of ALC Risk Solutions , a full service insurance agency in Miami, Florida, specializing risk management and insurance for small businesses in Miami, Florida. Why would an insurance agent launch a blog about Business Coaching ...
State Farm Homeowners Insurance, Florida, policy holders will start receiving their non-renewal notices this week from. The company is cutting roughly 125,000 policies for State Farm Homeowners Insurance in Florida over the next 18 months. This first wave of non-renewal notices going out the fir...
Business social networking sites have really sprung up as a way to market your business. Major corporations have inundated the sites like Facebook and Twitter, but they're not flocking the smaller sites as quickly. Even with the large corporations on Facebook and Twitter, they are still great soc...
Florida Flood Insurance can be a confusing type of insurance policy. A lot of people ask the questions, "is water damage from a pipe burst covered by Florida Flood Insurance?" "Is windstorm damage covered by Flood Insurance in Florida?"; "Will my hurricane insurance replace Flood Insurance?"; "I ...
Are There Any Commercial Realtors or Commercial Lenders Out There? I'm looking to network with commercial Realtors and commercial mortgage brokers, commercial bankers and other professionals involved with commercial and business real estate and business operations. Is anyone else looking to netwo...
Homeowner's Insurance in South Florida Homeowners insurance in South Florida is a very important policy for individuals and families who own their own home. Typical homeowners insurance in South Florida is for single family homes. Homeowners insurance in South Florida can be written three differ...
Cheap, effective, time saving app for sales pros and you can try it free... What is it? It’s Copy2Contact. And because of the great response I got from my post the other day about it, the best business productivity tool and Copy2Contact for outlook and blackberry, they’ve allowed me to offer it ...

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