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      I noticed today while putzing around my FaceBook profile that it was Jonathan's birthday!  Jonathan, how old are you 23?  What are you doing today?  I stayed up all night baking this cake.  I didn't want to be outdone by Tisza's computer cake.  Jonathan, who's in this picture?  Seriously, h...
Today, Colleen Kulikowski sent me a message about my feelings and thoughts now that Project Blogger was wrapping up.  I started to write her a response and after I wrote it, I figured it would be an appropriate post.  Here it is: ColleenSo nice to hear from you.  Let's see how do I feel...all BS ...
I ran across the newest site stats website on techcrunch.  According to the site "Xinu is a service that provides a comprehensive overview of page statistics and data that leaves cookie-cutter sites such as Popuri for dead." I put in my site to get analyzed and Xinu delivers amazing amount of dat...
    Honestly, I will admit when I created this post on South Beach's Lincoln Road it took me 16 hours to format this post!  Why?  Well because WordPress wasn't doing what it said it should be doing!  16 hours!  I was in training an was bound and determined not to whine to Brad and learn it myself...
I recently asked Brad Carroll to write a guest post about “The Making Of My Blog”. When I received the finished piece, I knew why he has grown so quickly in Active Rain. He has a straight forward, give you all the facts approach that truly seeks to educate his readers. This has been our journey i...
Miami Beach Real Estate StatisticsHere are the latest statistics for the Miami Beach condo market. This graph represents three six month periods with an average price p.s.f. for each period.Basically the price per sq. foot is steady BUT my biggest concern is that inventory JUMPED 10% from April t...
When I first started as ARDELL's Apprentice, she told me to check out Noah Rosenblatt of Urbandigs.  First because she thought he and I would have a similar style of talking and writing, and second because Noah won the Most Innovative Blog Award given by Inman News last year.  But he had all kind...
1) Laurie Manny - I am so crazy about Laurie Manny that I can do an impersonation of her.  Not blog like her, but talk like her.  Now don't everyone call her or she won't get any work done!  But I LOVE her voice!!!  She definitely be IQueenie!!!  I was blown away by this post of Laurie's when I f...
  Ok, so I'm sitting here watching: Confessions of a Matchmaker on A&E.   Let me tell you the matchmaker, Patti Novak, dubbed "America's Meanest Matchmaker" is ARDELL.  I was hysterical watching the show. I kept thinking, It's  friggin' ARDELL!  Hello A & E:  ARDELL, 'America's Meanest Blogger' ....
I've been in this Project Blogger for 10 weeks now.  I won't bore anyone by doing a 10-week re-cap. During this competition,  I have been hearing things like "finding your voice" and "clients getting to know you" for success in blogging.I have been selling real estate for 15 years now.  When I st...

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