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Apogee really just Blows me AWAY.  Having seen many a luxury condo here in Miami Beach and South Beach, I am really not easily impressed.  But I am just in AWE of this luxury condo property.Apogee is the crown jewel of Jorge Perez's Related Group.  Apogee is the most expensive per unit project, P...
Real estate is rewarding.  I like my job.  Sometimes, though, I get frustrated with my clients when they won't let me perform to the best of my ability. For example, I once listed a spectacular Penthouse here in Miami Beach.  Against my better judgment, we list the property at a price that I know...
My experience has been, from what I can see, very different from many of the other Apprentices.  This contest, to me, is to learn how to blog for business. I have the good luck of being coached by a person who is actually in the business of selling real estate.Ardell has taken the time, not only ...
Yesterday, an agent from Ft. Lauderdale showed some of my listings here in Miami Beach.  I must admit whenever I get a request from an out-of-area broker, I know I'm in trouble.  I won't drone on about the specifics, but I will tell you that on a Saturday afternoon she was 30 minutes late, HAD NO...
I have a client who is in the business of buying companies for a very large company in NYC.  When I was working with him, I of course, asked him tons of questions about what he does for a living.  Basically, the first part of his job is doing due diligence on the company that his client is intere...
 OMG!!  Breaking News!! In my interview with ARDELL we decided to stick with 8 questions.  Here was my 9th question:Is it true that you are watching ‘Dancing with the Stars' in hopes of seeing Heather Mills' leg fly off?Here was ARDELL'S answer: I love dancing and one of the things I am most look...
People are shocked when I utter that statement.  I get smirks and chuckles like I said it as if it were a joke.  I couldn't sell ice to someone in the desert.  The truth is I hate being ‘sold' to as well.  The next question is "Kevin, you sell for a living.  How can you be successful and not be g...
The experience of blogging to me is still a little 'odd', because I'm a ‘press the flesh' kinda guy.  I like to get "face time" with people.  I have found that I get more accomplished in a five minute conversation culminating with a handshake, than two months and fifteen emails.  I think I'm a pe...
Given the fact that, almost two years ago, I finished my main Website (and it just about put me under), I was not excited and had NO plans to take on another 'tech' endeavor for quite some time.  But knowing, and not wanting to accept, that blogging would be the next logical step for me, I decide...
1)  Is it true you picked me as your apprentice because I'm really, really hot?You clearly sounded like you were "on fire", as in charged up!  Good bloggers have a passion for the real estate business and their part in it.  Good bloggers want to take the real estate industry out of the dark ages....

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