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Standing in front of a green screen a weatherman or weatherwoman predicts daily, weekly and even monthly weather conditions based on scientific facts, historical recordings and educated guesses. But even with upper-atmospheric pressure readers, satellite imagery and a plethora of data, predicting...
Selling a home in the current real estate market can be difficult, so sellers and real estate professionals have focused their energy of what works when trying to sell a home. Fixing the exterior of a home is pivotal. With so many homes on the market, having a strong exterior appeal is pivotal in...
Real estate professionals can break it down to a science saying that a home didn’t sell because the price wasn’t right, the home wasn’t staged correctly or the home went on the market too soon or too late, but the reality is sometimes home just don’t sell right away. Selling a home isn’t a proces...
While buying and selling homes is a difficult task, there are also the later tasks of maintaining a home and making sure it’s safe for its residents. Keeping a home up-to-date from things as serious as reinforcing the infrastructure to things as minor as replacing old fixtures and changing the ai...