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Hello All, I recently ran across this article regarding Appraisals on and thought it would be a great one to share.  #1  The Appraiser does not dive deep into the neighborhood;Appraisers don’t normally officially inspect the comps, says Peter Grabel, managing director of Luxury Mortga...
Hello All, I recently ran across this article and wanted to share.  About 77% of home buyers do elect for a home inspection before signing on the dotted line, But as this article points out there could be a few things even an inspector might over look!  Runny appliances Leaky faucets Cracked sewa...
 Real Estate Agents Rank Biggest Home Seller Mistakes by activerain.com Overpriced Home Nothing shocking here. This was far and away the most common mistake sellers make that prevent them from selling their home. If you overprice your home there is a pretty goo...
      Jon Wierks blog at corelogic gives great insight on an often Misunderstood topic in Real Estate.  First The most accurate way to create an appraisal report is by comparison.  Ideally, appraisers use a perfect comparable, or an exact replica of the subject property that is next-door and sold...
   According to Zillow the median lot size for new homes has declined about 10 percent since the late 1990s, from about 9,600 square feet in 1999 to about 8,600 square feet as of the end of 2014. Over the same period, new homes have grown almost 25 percent, from a median of roughly 2,100 square f...
   Relavent Real Estate news!!   According to the the Federal Reserve latest Beige Book report.  The Beige Book is a collection of anecdotal economic observations from each of the Fed's 12 regions. Real Estate and ConstructionResidential real estate activity improved across the 12 Districts, with...
 Hello All, As you know the home buying process can be a very stressful and time consuming process.  I believe that there are a few overlooked things buyers should be aware of and thier Brokers may not be informing them. It is to NOT SPLURGE just before you buy a home. After all, you probably hav...
  Great news for Atlanta and surrounding areas.....   According to a recent report form MetroStudy, The Atlanta employment statistics through December 2014 show that the region has experienced positive job growth through 4Q 2014. Net jobs in Atlanta through December 2014 increased by 67,400 posit...
          In a Recent report the National Association of Home Builders reported that builders signed more contracts in February 2015 than anytime since early 2008 according to the census bureau and HUD.  The seasonally adjusted sales topped out at 539,000, up 7.8% from January of 500,000.  Sales ...
 Everyone knows that a majority of homeowners, as well as home buyers, have looked to Zillow to start Any research or shopping.  Do you ever wonder why your Zestimate is so much lower than your neighbor's, or how Zillow even comes up with these values?  It is Always best to have a Local Broker an...

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