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Awesome article reflecting the true problem with the Short Sale process. Owners want to either refi or sell... most dont want to squat! Giving a Lender an extra thousand to forgive 20k+ debt isn't going to make any sense to them. So all this will do is complicate the problem since the Seller will...
Stay warm and healthy,keep heating bills down (ARA) - With the return of colder weather, you may be hesitant to turn on the furnace again - especially if you want to put off winter's high energy bills. And, as you start shutting the windows to keep out the cold, the quality of your home's indoor ...
The 4 letter word that will send buyers out the door as fast as they can go and never look back. This is a word that Real Estate educator, Bill Gallagher, spoke about last week in our Mandatory Update class and had everyone laughing. Yesterday when it happened to me I was NOT laughing. That 4 let...
In an article today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it was reported that it’s becoming commonplace for lenders to refuse to take title to some properties following foreclosure. Why would a bank bother to foreclose and then abandon the property? It’s simple economics. Many of the homes just are...
A very accurate article that people facing foreclosure need to see... Probably not... But that doesn't mean that people aren't trying it... and it doesn't mean that people aren't getting in trouble for it. Here is the way it works (and it all sounds so legit...): Mr. and Mrs. Consumer buy a hous...
Okay first let me BUST a MYTH out there. The administration is telling people that even though YOU are not going to get bailed out while your neighbor who is going through foreclosure is, you should be happy because YOUR home will not suffer further loss in value if we can get these foreclosures ...
Here is what you will need to take most of the time for an exterior job. Front of Subject - Try most of the time to be at slight angle so that side of house is visible as well. Note any damage to property           Street View 1 - Down one side of street - Make  sure you include the houses on one...
If you are like me you deal with investors and buyers that are seeking good deals. One area that good deals come by are HUD Homes. I was going through 3 of them the other day, previewing them for my clients, and I couldn't get into the last one! Now, I didn't have time to print off the MLS sheets...
Rick Kellow, or his wife, posted this great guide to "Re-Gifting". Not something that I practice normally, but of course I will admit to giving something "nice" as a last minute need. Enjoy! Don't mention it, please. Post thinks "the best approach is to be upfront" when regifting, but I have to a...
Attention Agents! Is this you? You don't have time to work short sales? You don't want to waste your time on the phone with lenders who won't cooperate with you? You don't have the experienced team in place to handle things efficiently? You have a system designed to handle other types of transact...

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