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One of my clients is a mortgage broker and sends out a monthly email newsletter. In one issue recently, she told a story with photos about swimming with sharks on her first scuba dive trip. Yes, she did also talk about mortgage rates and the housing market in the newsletter, but that issue was wi...
Are you ready to take your lead generation to the next level?Have you been diligently creating consistent content, promoting it on social media, and emailing your small but mighty list, but haven’t really seen the bump in leads and sales?We’ve all been there! Don’t despair…there’s another way to ...
So, I thought I was pretty brave and quite adventurous, until I decided to go on a simple, low risk, easy Rainforest Tour while we were in Costa Rica recently. Heck, I must have some tough skin; I’m an entrepreneur taking huge risks in my business this year, I play ice hockey, I’ve even done Fac...
We’ve all been there! And maybe you’re there right now. Feeling like you’re struggling with your marketing, feeling like you’re just not connecting with the right people, or cutting through all the noise so people find you and buy from you. Maybe even knowing what to say and how to say it has got...
Instagram is definitely one of my favorite social media outlets and recently, it seems, I’m being asked more and more how folks in service-based businesses, like us, can use it. It’s a more personal, informal and humorous outlet. It’s my go-to for a good laugh with Instagram Stories. For real est...
We just returned from our one-and-only family vacation for the year (we’re saving our nickels to buy a home next year). We spent a week visiting extended family and had so much fun seeing people we haven’t seen or connected with in quite awhile. One of my favorite parts of trips like this one is ...
“I have lots of great ideas but don’t know where to start, so I just don’t do anything,” one real estate agent told me about her marketing.Another told me she’s just switched careers from a corporate job to real estate but can’t quite get a consistent marketing system going.A mortgage broker tell...
Can you relate to this? I often hear from women that I talk to that their greatest challenges in building their real estate, mortgage or other service-based business are putting together a do-able system to achieve marketing consistency and staying in touch with referral partners, past clients, ...
A common question I get from clients is how much is too much when it comes to email marketing, or sending out mass emails to your list of clients, prospects and partners. It’s a delicate balance to strike because too little communication and your contacts may forget about you; but too much email ...
We could all use more leads, new prospects and new opportunities to keep our businesses and careers moving forward, right?! If you regularly have that worried feeling in the pit of your stomach that you need more new leads rolling in or that you should be doing more digital and social media marke...

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