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I've been priviledged through my affiliation with BNI Founder Dr. Ivan Misner's Author Mentor Program to have the opportunity to write for Ed Craine, and Broker Banker Magazine. Ed asked me to write about the mortgage business and tie in networking.  Ed is not only the driving force behind Broker...
A friend of mine, Melinda Potcher, adapted some of my material and created the 10 Commandments of Business Networking. She did a great job and I thought I'd share it with everyone here on my blog. 1.       Thou Shalt Not Sell To Me.... If we are trying to help one another get more business, you t...
Monday, November 10, 2008 My Very Own First Podcast!!! Current mood: giddy Category: Jobs, Work, Careers   OMG I am so excited and wanted to share with you my first ever produced PodCast. Let me know what you think!   BNI Powercast: Melinda Potcher
Friday, October 17, 2008 From The Local Organic Farmer - Words of Wisdom Current mood: enlightened Category: Jobs, Work, Careers ..TR> ..TR> October 16th, 2008 ..TR> Los Poblanos Organics ..TABLE>..TABLE>   Our Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Ok, if I see another picture of some dude on Wall Street with...
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 What Affect Does the Bailout Have for You, The Consumer? Current mood: confident Category: Jobs, Work, Careers   I got a great question from a client today about what affect the announcements from the federal government agreeing to back all bank lending would have on the...
Don't believe or buy in to the hype when the media says that there isn't any credit available out there!  It's just not true! I have 5 loans I am working on presently, including; an $800k refi 4 homebuyers looking for properties that are preapproved for loans ranging from $142,000 to $270,000. Ev...
Category: News and Politics Subject: FW: Worth reading!   Mortgage Crisis:  The REAL Blame By Drew Zahn© 2008 World Net Daily Stan J. Liebowitz While many pundits are pointing to corporate greed and a lack of government regulation as the cause for the American mortgage and financial crisis, some ...
Daily Real Estate News  |  August 19, 2008 Campaign Launched to Undo Down Payment Ban The Housing and Economic Recovery Act prohibits the Federal Housing Administration from insuring loans made with a seller-funded down payment. This essentially bans the practice since nearly all these loans are ...
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 Past 10 Clients - Looking for Referrals for New Clients Current mood: adventurous Category: Jobs, Work, Careers   Recently, I realized that sometimes I need to tell a story about how I was able to help a client for other people to have a "light  bulb moment" and think of ...
Making The Best Use of The "Tools" in Your Toolbox Current mood: contemplative Category: Jobs, Work, Careers   This past spring I took on the enormous task of project manager for the city wide membership drive for BNI (Business Network Int'l). Toward the end of the drive (end of May)...


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