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Yes, the Real Estate Business is just like a good football game.  It's up and down and the key is finding your stride   You can move the ball up and down the field but you has to score when you get in the red zone.  In the real estate business you have to score a contract when the client is ready...
Some might say it's impossible to be both Positive and Truthful in a down Market.  I don't agree there is always something going on in the market that is positive.  If you read most of the blogs they are about how bad the market has been the past 12-24 months but lets look a little further. 1.  W...
It's a Brand New decade so it would be a great time for everyone to change their Attitude!!  Our attitude will cause everyone around us to change either for the worst or the better.  We should remember that when dealing with our client or customer or in my case the agent at my office.  Here is a ...
It's and interesting tast setting your goals for any year but 2010 is challenging for those of us in the real estate business.  I truly believe you or your company are either moving forward or backward there is no setting still.  However with that said I think if your business in 09 with equal or...
While it's the 28th of December 2009 all common knowledge but what you do with the balance of the year will determine you success for 2010!  It's hard to believe it's going to be 2010.  It seems to me there is great opporitunity waiting to be tapped in 2010.  With the Tax Credit that has been exp...
In our Market Place of West Memphis and Marion Ar the inventory levels are getting back to normal. They are at a 8 month supply down from 11 months in October. Builders and Seller are still willing to help with closing cost.  Interest rates are at or near a all time low so why wait?  If March is ...
As REALTORS, we know that at its core, the current economic crisis can be soloved if the housing market recovers.  The National Assocation  of REALTORS has a great 4 point plan that needs our support both as Realtors and Home Owners.  In general the plan is as follows: 1.  Make the $7,500 tax cre...
It's a Great Time to be in Orlando for the National Association of Realtors Convention.  The education and networking is Great!!  To hear President -Elect Charles McMillan speak from the heart at his inaugural gave everyone there a clear understanding of what a truly great leader he will be for 2...

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