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This is a must read by Lisa Moroniak.  She makes some really good points and my favorite is that we make our Business Look to Easy to our Clients.  Hope you enjoy the Post as much as I did. Let's Play: Test FSBO's Knowledge of the Real Estate Transaction! I feel like donning my Alex Trebek mustac...
It's Okay to Be Lazy.  Here are some things you should think about doing while being Lazy. Lean Back in the Recliner with a Hot Cup of Coffee and your Dog in your lap.  What a great way to spend the morning and just relax your mind. Take a long walk with someone special in your life and of course...
It's time to put a smile on your face and Greet the World with that extra Step!  It's all about enjoying the moment and the things in life you can control.  First lets look at a list of 5 things we can't controll. The Weather.  So don't worry about or let it affect you mood. What others are sayin...
Our Realtor Family is so important to our success  yet sometimes when I read articles on Active Rain I wonder if the writer of the blog has a clue what our Association does for them or the consumer.  It's so easy to be critical of our Association by waving that magic wand that we have and say the...

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