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You just never know what the day or week holds for you!!  Just this morning I got up it snowing and a little freezing rain and the weather is just not friendly!!  But I put a smile on my face headed out to pick up my Dad for coffee and breakfest.  Every time I am a little down my Dad reminds me o...
Office Homes Tours do you think they are still viable in today's real estate market?  Well I think the answer is yes!!  And here is why I think your office should continue the practice.  1.  It's good for your client to see you doing something positive to expose others to their home.  Remember yo...
It's appears to me it's a Great Time to be in the Real Estate Business!!  I've been helping people find a home for 30 years and never before has there been such a Great Opportunity for People to Purchase a home! Let's think about in the 80"s Interest Rates in the 13-18% today 4.5-5.5%.  WoW what ...
I live in West Memphis Arkansas about 10 minutes from Downtown Memphis Tn and call Memphis home.  It's special day set aside to celebrate a remarkable man who made difference in the World we enjoy today.  Sometimes we just think about Dr. King for the unforgettable speech in Made "I've got a Drea...
It's the beginning of a new year and for Brokers and Managers it's the time of the year to make sure our staff and our Team Members understand the Goals and Objectives for 2010!!  I've been the owner/broker of Coldwell Banker Heritage Homes for 22 year and have spend time spelling out to our team...
Well not only is the NFL heating up with their Wild Card Games today so is the Real Estate Buiness.  With Uncle Sam having Expended and Expanded the Tax Credit it also Income Tax Return Time.  Just like today's Football Teams better have their best Game so had we as Real Estate Professionals. Get...
You know the Real Estate Business is just like farming.  Someone might ask how well think about this for just a second. 1.  You got to take care of the land if you farm.  In the Real Estate Business you got to take care of the industry and that's why we support the Realtors. 2.  You got to contin...
Yes, the Real Estate Business is just like a good football game.  It's up and down and the key is finding your stride   You can move the ball up and down the field but you has to score when you get in the red zone.  In the real estate business you have to score a contract when the client is ready...
Some might say it's impossible to be both Positive and Truthful in a down Market.  I don't agree there is always something going on in the market that is positive.  If you read most of the blogs they are about how bad the market has been the past 12-24 months but lets look a little further. 1.  W...
It's a Brand New decade so it would be a great time for everyone to change their Attitude!!  Our attitude will cause everyone around us to change either for the worst or the better.  We should remember that when dealing with our client or customer or in my case the agent at my office.  Here is a ...

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