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June 4th, 2007 During the high octane days of real estate that just ended in the last 12 months, everyone was “in the game” and some got a false sense of confidence via “The FSBO”, or for sale by owner. The market in many parts of the country has slowed considerably, and in some parts, even rever...
In this current declining housing market, homeowners who can wait for the market to rebound to sell their homes should. However, homeowners who need to sell now to move to another area can still do well. If you are selling in one declining market, you won’t get the price you could have in the ho...
The media and statisics in today’s real estate markets have been a challenge to report accurately due to specific “sub markets”. Incline Village, Reno and Las Vegas markets are a perfect example. These markets are all located in Nevada, but the bulk of foreclosers are happening in Clark County (...
Incline Village is an economic entity in itself, in many ways. It is by and large a true resort town with most of the housing being second or third homes  belonging to the upper 1% of income earners. We have been noticing a strong increase in the 2 million plus homes that are being purchased for ...
It seems as of recent that many sellers in this market are getting frustrated due to the slowing real estate marketplace. Even though the agents are going through all the right marketing procedures, they can not fabricate buyers who are not there. So the seller takes on a “new broom sweeps clean”...
The home computer is playing a very important role in the home search process. It is estimated that 80% plus of all real estate searches begin online with buyers and sellers using sites such as, Trulia, and Zillow to educate themselves about inventories. They will then contact a real...
The home sales market began to slow down almost a year ago, causing  many potential buyers to postpone buying and anticipate that prices would drop. In some regions prices did in fact drop but in the western areas of Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin, prices actually increased due to robust tec...

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