With spring approaching - yes, I know, we still have snow on the gound for a few more months here in Alaska - it is not too early to think about which remodeling projects should be tackled this year. Or should they? Remodeling magazines posts its annual "Cost vs. Value Report" -- a survey that at...
Wow. One of the top stories in today's Anchorage Daily News is the newest project for downtown, the new Transit Transfer Facility on 6th Avenue and C Street. It will shelter people waiting for the bus from snow and ice. The walkway in front of the stop will be heated through the winter. At a cost...
Real Estate "Word of the Week" Reverse or Reverse Annuity Mortgage - A mortgage for which the borrower pledges home equity in return for regular (monthly) payments, rather than a lump sum distribution of loan proceeds.  Repayment is usually not required until the home is sold or the borrower's es...
Use these do-it-yourself tips to spruce up your home, price it right for your local market, and see buyers compete for your house - yes, even in this market. After the Don't, on now to the Do's.   Do's               Invite a friend or real estate agent over. A second or third pair of eyes will h...
Staging a Home has become a MUST in today's challenging market.             Staging a home can change its atmosphere and make it appeal to homebuyers, bring a higher price and accelerate marke time. By adding small decorative touches, rearranging or deleting furniture, a home can look like a prof...
We share our backyard with Moose, Arctic hare, Bears, Lynx, and Foxes. In fact, red squirrels get up close and personal in our attic! This picture shows me leaving the house on my way to work.
Selling your house in a hurry is no longer a simple matter of putting a "For Sale" sign in the yard. I have good news, though: homes that are well prepared for the market and priced right are still selling well.      However, sellers who are serious about wanting an offer in a short period of tim...
Here's a link to an article from Anchorage's KTUU recent news hour, reporting on the 2010 outlook for the Alaska Economy. Alaskans are also anticipating the announcement of the 2010 Permanent Fund Dividend check, which every Alaskan will receive wh...
It used to be that all sellers had to do is put their house up for sale and - voila - it sold, often bid up by multiple offers. Times have changed. Fewer buyers can qualify for a loan these days, and many homes on the market compete for solid buyers. Today, a home has to stand out from the compet...

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