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            Well I was very happy the other night. I got a call for a loan modification. It was 9 pages with 1 doc being notarized. What this loan mod was is part of the Bush plan. It took the borrowers who were 3 years into their loan that originally started at 7.25% now 3 years later was at 10....
A great service to Notaries is Notary Bay. It is not a signing service YOU set the price. They have informational videos and blogs to learn from. This is a company that advertises for you. They have a free sign up or paid sign up. I am really pleased that I have found Notary Bay. Copy and paste t...
Hi I have been a Notary Public, Signing Agent for just over two years. WOW I wish I would have started long ago. I am a mother of two boys and this is the perfect business for my family. I now do this as my full time job and am happy with my decision. I continually meet others that say Oh I am a ...
Hello to all of you out here in the A.V. Just wanted to let you know about a great network for Notaries. We have the AVNN. Which we Co-Op for more advertising, belong to all of the Chambers of Commerce, Escrow Assoc., and attend CEA meetings. Just by belonging to the club. If you were to join the...
Hello all, did any of you attend the NNA conference that was held in Los Angeles at the end of May?? Iwas there and promoted our club we have here in the Antelope Valley called AVNN. I would love to hear your comments on the conference. Post Post Post
This is a message to those of you newer Notary Signing Agents out there. Sometimes you will experience quite a slow beginning of the month. Keep your head up because by the end of the month things will definately pick up. Lenders always want open loans to get closed by the end of the month. So in...

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