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Another happy buyer! I'm so pleased that this family of four has finally found their dream home. The property has tons of space for two active girls and an amazing view from the deck.
Our dining room is almost finished. I love the chandelier we picked, but you have to use candles with it. That's fine until you're about three quarters of the way through a meal and hot wax drips down on your guests. Yikes! We're going to replace that with a real chandelier.Next issue: paint! Aft...
This is our new mud porch. You can see that we've reconfigured it a little bit. We have a new Carrara counter. We also created room for a stacker-style washer and dryer. We're going to put a cabinet over that for our modem and relevant electronics. We also added a French door and reused our fabul...
 This is our half bath, and there's still some things I need to work out about it. The contractor hung the light above the statement mirror too low, which makes the mirror seems mushed. We didn't end up connecting the half bath and the full bath, so I created a niche instead. I'm still not sure w...
 Our living room is done! Well, almost. There's no furniture in it yet because we still need to choose a paint color for the walls. Mary, our colorist, helped us identify colors that match the original tile around the fireplace from 1927. The first time she was here, she helped me choose a beauti...
A pied-a-terre for Grandma in Downtown San Mateo! This peaceful retreat for those over 55 offers the perfect blend of refuge and convenience. The 1-bedroom and 1-bathroom condo features a large, open patio that flows beyond the living room to create an inviting outdoor space.Listed at $335,000Cli...
Finis! The contractors came for the final day last week, and the cleaning crew came to vacuum and scrub every surface covered in construction dust. We finally are able to shower in our own home again, and Jimmy and I have separate bathrooms! Naturally, there will be a punch list of items to tweak...
One of the good things about living in the house during construction is that you can grab a cup of coffee in the morning and check out the previous day's work while still in your pajamas. So here I am checking out the tile shower surround and the cool diamond-shaped border: Our contractor suggest...
438 Highland Avenue, San Mateo, is now in contract! The neighbors came out to greet the newest members of the neighborhood. The buyers are thrilled!    Learn more at           
Today we began construction on our existing bathroom:We waited for this bathroom because it got us through the major construction, as it was the second of the two rooms untouched by the previous work. With this project, we lose our tub and shower. We understand that we will still have use of it i...

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