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Now we are a little over six months into this year.  Look around how are you doing?  Have you made the money to make your plan, did you write a plan?  How about your pipeline?  In Central Indiana we have had 3 months of increase in the number of pendings.  Homes in the entry level markets are sel...
So far this is what we have to work with basically Tax Credit 1. The tax credit does not have to repaid (that is NOT) 2. The size of the credit is $8000 3. There are income limits $75,000 ind. and $150,000 family 4. First time buyers only 5. Tax credit expires in September 2009 Get them while you...
Here it is mid way through February, spring market is here and as Realtors we need to be focused on our future.  Times like these is becomes more critical to have a business plan with smart goals and be able to track your progress.  Where are you getting leads, are they producing, how much time a...
Over 1000 agents have fallen off the list, offices are closing or being bought out by the bigger companies.  Here in Indiana there are two major fees or dues coming up.  To add to that they have just increased them by over $200.00 a year.  Advertising and other services are gong up.  Will the age...
Now is the time to start farming those first time home buyers.  There are several programs that could be coming out that will so attractive that will not be able to not buy.  Many first time home buyers are scared right now or have been over the past few months.  They have heard about how many fi...
When you look at the amrket from the stand point of not just a Realtor but a historian of sorts you can see the direction we are going.  We went through this is the sixties, seventies and eighties.  We were due for a turn in the merket.  tHis one was just more complex.  When you look at the trend...

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