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It's been a few years since I posted here but after reconnecting with Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400. I realized it was time to reengage in this wonderful community.About a year ago I started working with KettleSpace who at the time was offering a unique version of coworking. Unlike many of...
Hurricanes are coming. And they’re bigger and more threatening than any we have seen in half a century.If you are in the path of these monster storms, you have already taken strong precautions to protect everyone who lives under your roof. You have bought the best generator you can afford and tes...
What is Pinterest? Last week I attended BlogWorld and New Media Expo.  This is a marketing conference all about inbound and content marketing (including blogging podcasts, streaming video, how to monitize your blog etc).  There were lots of great tips and "tricks" for blogging, creating great con...
I am looking for a Marketing Intern (or two or three).  If you know anyone looking to get into marketing (in any field) have them drop me a note. Here is the basic role: Job, an innovative platform for college course delivery is seeking interns to help with marketing...
Some interesting ideas by Rebekah Radice on how to use Pinterest to market your real estate business.  I am going to have to play around in Pinterest to learn more about the platform.  Enjoy As social media continues to evolve so do the tools.  Stepping up to the plate with a fierce vengeance is ...
Giving Back with 1 Hour of Your TimeOn Monday I spent one-hour helping out a NYC real estate professional who needed marketing help.  People move around in their careers for many reasons and for most change is hard so I figured let me help Aldo out and see if there was a way for us to work togeth...
Now This is a Shower (if I do say so myself...) When working on our home we had no idea what we got ourselves into.  After all everything looks different on paper.  Well, as the walls, pipes and wires were going up we realized our new shower was “a bit” larger than we had realized.  There wasn’t ...
Bathroom Renovations Can Be A Rocky Project As mentioned here and here we have done some work on our house. One of the more challenging but also fun parts was selecting our tile and shower floor.     It took a few trips to the tile stores to find the one we wanted to work with and ultimately we w...
C & E Professional Painting – A lesson learned the hard way A few months ago we started a home improvement project.  I was hoping to blog about the whole experience.  Boy was it an experience that I hope I don’t have to do again.  Well I didn’t get to post regularly between working and dealing wi...
I have not fully explored the outside blog functionality for myself but Brad gives a lot of great information to help you optimize your outside blog. ActiveRain Outside Blogs offer members the opportunity to have a "stand alone" presence outside the network and they are included with the rainmake...

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