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If you haven't read Lenn Harley yet you need to.  This is a terrific series and something every Realtor needs too think about. Please read and comment on her post and follow her series.  You will learn something for sure if only that you need to really think and have a plan.  The days of "winging...
The vast majority of investors are running around trying to scrape together great deals on mediocre properties.  I compare that to buying an expensive and more popular device such as the Wii or buying an inexpensive and obsolete device like a VCR and then attempting to resell it on Ebay.  Sure, y...
I have been burning my eyes out behind the computer screen tweeting and learning SEO and reviewing sites; and reading articles.  ALthough useful and interesting, I am burned out and quite frankly relieved to be here just splashing around.  Tonight I have taken the time to read other people's blog...
There is a new trend in housing that has been showing up in Collegedale, Tennessee for a while and I see it beginning to trend elsewhere.  Like the name implies, Collegedale is a college town; home to Southern Adventist University, a large religous university. University housing is spread out thr...
I have been busy working my brain beyond it's limits on real estate stuff aand the like, but, today I just want to talk about Poodles.  I have started a new blog on WordPress  Please do go check it out.  Not yet though, I haven't written anything there quite yet....
I don't know about you, but, that sentiment expressed in the 40's by F.D.R. sure has been circling around my thoughts lately.   I mean I see otherwise rational and business minded people running around talking to me about the collapse of our monetary system, the death of real estate as a viable p...
I know that this time of year is still somewhat harried for most people, but, if you are starting to plan your campaigns and marketing for this year, please consider expanding your reach with social media.  I know, probably a foreign term to half of you and old news for the rest.  I guess that I ...
reblogging to spread the word.  Please join us!Yesterday, I posted Don't be PET-rified, get INVOLVED! It outlined the problem of people leaving their pets behind, when they vacate a property. Resource information is also on that post. As mentioned, this will affect all of us in one way or another...
It seems that no matter how hard the times are there is always someone who cannot resist the lure of a waterfront piece of property.  There is something seductive about being on the water's edge and that is exactly why the price of very nice lots keeps going up and up despite the down trend in r...

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