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Let's all get with the program and start the Chinese New Year off right!  Carole has so much sage advice and it is always very practical too.  try it, you may be so surprised. The Chinese New Year 2009:  Feng Shui Advice from a Feng Shui New York City-Manhattan Consultant. Things you MUST do to s...
Carolina Poodle Rescue is a great, registered, non-profit organization that I support as much as I am able.  The name is deceptive because they help Poodles and other dogs from all over the country.  Occassionally they need help with transport which I also do when abl...
Snow, oh snow falling from the sky full of freshness and light.  I cannot believe it; I heard it.  I really did.  I rushed out to my front door and see a beautiful white haze swirling down from the sky and I feel encouraged and hopeful.  I have always loved snow and I miss seeing it here in Tenne...
Just have to vent.  My laptop is only less than 1 year old and lately it has been acting up.  Today was the worst.  It mad me so frustrated because I had a lot to catch up on not the least of which was doing my blogging here.  Now it is ten minutes until the end of the week and I didn'[t get my b...
We have had snow on and off all day today and I am ecstatic!  We don't get snow often here and so I anxiously await some each uear.  The last significant snow was in 1993 the Blizzard of '93.  Oh what I would give for a nice big one like that. Mostly what we get are teases.  I grew up in snow cou...
I remember the first time that I knew that I was coming to Chattanooga, Tn. for an extended time period.  I thought "Deliverance" then I came; with reservations, and never left!  This is a remarkable microcosm of larger cities, but, with the friendliness and familiarity of a nice town.  Chattanoo...
Read it and weep----or maybe rejoice.  Your choice.With the advent of Web 2.0, there's been a virtual proliferation of interactive social media websites offering all kinds of really cool features and tools, all for FREE! At a time when cost containment has quite literally become a way of life and...
I think that every Realtor needs to read this excellent post.  It will get you thinking and hopefully motivated.  The days of flying on radar are over.  In order to survive let alone thrive you must be doing some if not all of this.  Good luck.    •1.                 List to Last.  Hone your list...
Hints about my new inspiratin for marketing.  Might also include penny candy, pinball, mohair sweaters, saddle shoes, newsspaper, checker board and big screen T.V. with Twitter.  Hmm Who has a clue what I'm up to?  Let me knwo what your guess is and then I'll post more a little at  time as it gels!
This is just the beginning of my paying Tamara back for tagging me!I feel like I just got tagged in grade school. Now I'm "IT."  Well I can thank my pastor friend, Ced for this one! So like any darn game, here's the rules: Create a blog post with a link to the person who so happily tagged you.  1...

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