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Ok just as I promised, I am posting an announcement that I have crossed the 100 mark!  It is so hard to believe because I remember what it felt like to look up at the list above me when I first started and even conceive of getting anywhere near 100.  So, who would like to come to my celebration p...
I happened to watch Oprah over the holiday and the show was on an experiment that she did.  She gave out debit cards to all of her audience members for $1000 and told them that they had to give the money to someone else. People were so cretive with what they did, but, what was remarkable was that...
Check out New JoisyHere's a new group for all of my fellow North Jersey friends to share their experiences, area events, news, and anything pertaining to our lives here in North Jersey. Let's let the world know why North Jersey is so great and why we love it here. We also welcome anyone who's eve...
Interesting, but, it seems that I have noticed an increase in real estate buzz and activity around here lately.  More and more folks are kicking tires and rattling listings.  Could this be that people are getting ready to buy again?  Could it be that sellers are becoming more realistic in their p...
I wanted to wish all of the AR Turkeys a very Happy Turkey Day from another great, big Turkey on Active Rain!   It is alomost the end of the year.  It is hard to believe that we will be sending Christmas and New Year's wishes before long.  For now, eat, drink and be merry this Thursday and we'll...
In central east Tennessee is a little spt known as Benton Station Tennessee.  lthough it is near Benton, it is considered a separate area.  It was also known as "Murny".  It sits south and west of Benton proper.  Tomget to it you have to go to the other side of the Ocoee River.  It used to be a c...
Well, Jim this one is for you since you tagged me!!!!!!   I hope that someone finds this interesting.  It WAS the closest, as you can see, dogs are everywhere in my life.   Read on while I go find some other unsuspecting souls to tag. From Annie on Dogs  by Annie Rogers Clark Second `was a 13-mon...
  I was thrilled when I opened my mailbox and read today's entry.  Perhaps prayers have been answered.  It seems that Mandy is doing much better today after yesterday's gloomy report.  Please read and keep your comments going to her.  That Scarlet... she knew stuff Posted: 19 Nov 2008 03:14 PM C...

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