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Chicagoland Home Staging and Margaret Gehr's home Staging news, tips, articles, and experiences to share with home sellers in Naperville, IL, Chicago and everywhere.
Because Chicagoland Home Staging does a lot of work in vacant homes we do a lot of setting or decorating dining room tables.While we almost never actually "set" the table, we do pay careful attention to the way the dining room, or other eating areas, are presented. We know that while the dining r...
"This Naperville home is too much work. I need move-in ready!" Is this really what you want buyers thinking about your home? "But wait! My home is move-in ready. It's not dated." Really? Is that what you think?  I was recently featured here on AR for my post Fresh linens can take 30 years off a h...
Home staging is not just for vacant properties. Often occupied properties need a little extra oomph. While some sellers and Realtors believe that secondary bedrooms don't need to have any work done and provide little extra value, the truth is in the before and after photo (and eventual offers).  ...
Here in Chicagoland we stage both occupied and vacant properties. Sometimes we can use what's available and sometimes we need to bring in furniture, art, or accessories. While we can always make a space look better, even on a low budget with no rentals, some times what a home really needs to maxi...
If you talk with home stagers you may find two camps when it comes to faux plants. You'll get some people who will expressly tell you that fake flowers and greenery are OUT. Then you'll get others who say that they add life to a room (even if the plants are in fact made of plastic).  Chicagoland ...
How many times have we heard the expression, "A picture says a thousand words." While we all know it to be true, especially when it comes to real estate, do you also consider the fact that most of the time it's all that we get to say about a home.  Potential home buyers don't read unless they lik...
At Chicagoland Home Staging we know that accessories have an impact on the overall perception of any room. In kitchens and bathrooms accessories help to soften otherwise hard cold surfaces. In larger rooms like living rooms or bedrooms they add color, contour, and texture. In dining rooms, they h...
This Naperville home staging makeover could be anyone's house. Many of us probably know someone who's decor taste is similar to this owner's. The great thing about this change is that it shows that no matter how ordinary the home or the decor is, there is always an opportunity to step up and crea...
As a professioanal Chicagoland Home Stager that works in a lot of vacant homes for both individual seller and investors, I get to experience some amazing transformations. While we may do this on a daily basis, it doesn't take away from the excitement of the before and after shot. Take a look at a...
Some people love or hate silk plants. Often home stagers and redesigners hate them because when we arrive in an occupied home sellers have far too many of them that are in bad shape and covered with dust. Still, very few home staging projects, particularly vacant projects, would be complete witho...

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