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Informing you on the Real Estate Market in Spring Texas and the surrounding areas and other interesting tid bits!
Is this guy cute or what!  Our daughter took the picture at the Wild Animal park in San Diego. He now resides as a screensaver on my laptop and I smile every time his turn comes up.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.  
Crape Myrtle murder has started early in Spring-Tomball-Magnolia TX this year. I have been driving around watching the landscapers out pruning for the last few weeks. The sad thing is that there’s absolutely no reason to scalp murder a tree the way they do. I expect many of you have heard the st...
Kristine gives some great Do's and Don't when preparing to sell your house.  If a seller will take her advice it is sure to make for a fast close.The Do's and Don'ts When Preparing to Sell                                                                 First the Don'ts: 1. Think you'll have more ...
Last year the Houston Chronicle had a great article about plant survival in freezing temperatures. Since it is almost February I was thinking I was going to get away without having to post about this but it is not to be; we are looking to have several days of frigid temperatures starting today (l...
I wish I could tell you that I took this picture but I'm still trying to get a good picture of a bird in flight.  This was taken by our daughter on a layover in Seattle. I find pictures like this so relaxing. _______________________________________________________________________________________...
The other day I showed the nicest staged home. It was not a big home at 1800 square feet but every room was staged to perfection. It made this home such a pleasure to show. Staging is becoming more popular all the time and is a wonderful way to show your home off to its best advantage.  I do real...
It really boils down to 2 words and they are NO ZONING. When we moved here in 1997 and I was in real estate school I almost fell off my chair when I found out that Houston did not have zoning. It is especially apparent when you live in either unincorporated Harris County or unincorporated Montgom...
I have to admit I'm guilty of putting these magnet on my refrigerator. For years now we have got a magnet from every place we visit but I'm also not selling my home. I agree that when selling your home they need to be cleared off the refrigerator.  A great place to buy the metal frame she talks a...
It has been quite some time since I have shared one of my daughter's pictures.  I think she has a gift but I could be a bit prejudice.  It seems like an appropriate picture for a winter night!   Copyright © 2011 Marchel Peterson, All Rights Reserved. *Wordless Wednesday - Candle light!!* Picture...
  As you can see Calvin is all boy!  He was not sure why I was chasing him with the camera; that is why he is under the table in the second picture.  As you can tell he was not very happy with me!  He is a clean boy though as within 10 to 15 minutes those paws will be white again.  Which is why I...

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Informing you on the Real Estate Market in Spring Texas and the surrounding areas and other interesting tid bits!

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