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Timely and relevant information about obtaining a mortgage, credit scores, FHA, VA, and No Down Payment Loans in the DC Metro area.
In the Woodbridge, Virginia area renting is more expensive than buying a home but many people are still renting and here is why....no money for a down payment. In the video below, we share three ways you can buy a home with no money down in Woodbridge, Virginia. Excellent credit is not needed but...
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were referred to me by a local Woodbridge Agent, after they had been told by their credit union and a national bank that they needed to use a FHA Loan or Conventional loan with a twenty percent down payment to buy a home, although Mr. Johnson is active duty military. Mr. John...
FHA Back to Work was announced last month to help you buy a home again, if you had a foreclosure or bankruptcy over a year ago. The current wait times are three years from the date of foreclosure and bankruptcy to be eligible for a new FHA home loan unless you have an extenuating circumstance. “F...
 If you are a disabled Veteran in Prince William County you need this information. If you are a Veteran looking to buy a home with your veteran home loan benefit this information also applies. Peggy James is a local Realtor sharing the information you need to know. "I absolutely loved the call I ...
Elmers or Krazy Glue? Which one would you choose if you need a lot of pieces to stick together? Hopefully the Krazy Glue, which is what your FHA and VA Lender is when buying a home in Virgina or Maryland. The graphic below shows all the "pieces" we need to stick together to get your home loan APP...
It probably is .... in this short video tip for first time home buyers,  I share some uncommon places to find cash for buying a home including the cracks of your couch. Finding the cash to buy a home is not as hard as you think! Contact me at 703-497-3936 to put together your Homebuying Plan for ...
Anything we, as a community, can do to protect our children from predators is worth while. That's why 3:33 Am Paranormal has teamed up with The Ninth Dragon Martial Arts Studio to bring local children a free event which will teach them how to resist potential child abductors.  We want to actively...
Recently I met with what seemed to be  very well qualified home buyer in Woodbridge, VA.  She and her husband are move up buyers from a condo to a single family home.  They had been pre-approved for mortgage financing by two other lenders already. Once Mrs. J ratified a contract she was actually ...
Renting is good.....I know this is not a common statement from a Woodbridge Mortgage Lender.  But it is true, renting is good,  if you meet one of the following criteria: You are only in the area for a short period of time You enjoy paying someone else's mortgage You like the yearly rent increase...
Last Saturday, I sat down after a long day to watch some TV.  I clicked on the Suze Orman Show and this is where the disagreement began.  I ended up leaving the room screaming at the TV, "Don't Listen to Suze Orman!"  Watch the short video below, Don't Listen to Suzie Orman to see if you disagree...

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