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Timely and relevant information about obtaining a mortgage, credit scores, FHA, VA, and No Down Payment Loans in the DC Metro area.
You want to buy a home in Northern Virginia (NOVA) with your veterans benefit for a zero down home loan. Perhaps ypu are a first-time buyer, using your VA home loan for the first time. Or perhaps you are using your VA zero down loan for the second, or third, or fourth time, or more.  One thing fo...
Armando was referred to Markita Woods to get a loan to buy as a honeymoon gift for his fiance'. Armando and Maria would marry on March 6, 2021. Armando wanted to take his new bride to a home of their own. Armando was referred to me by Julio and Christina, who just closed the purchase of their dre...
A quick story about Brent and Amy who just bought a home with my help. Brent is a partner in a CPA firm, and Amy is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits. Brent and Amy were buying their second home. They recalled from their previous home purchase the importance of getting loan...
Homeowners forced by the coronavirus pandemic to hole up in their homes for much of the past year are changing a few things about their homes.For starters, COVID-19 exposed the flaws of the open floor plans touted on HGTV and other design shows—finding a quiet space to jump on that Zoom meeting w...
Houses for sale are in short supply. Multiple offers are the rule, not the exception. What is pushing this sellers market? How much longer can this market continue to rage on?First, we have to look at the reason why there are too many buyers, and not enough sellers. The reason why there are too m...
A healthy credit score is a requirement for getting approved for a mortgage. The minimum score allowed on and FHA or VA loan is 580, although most lenders won't touch a loan with a score under 620. A minimum credit score for a loan is 620-680; a good score is 680-790; and an excellent score is 79...
Here is some perspective on current interest rates: Over the past fifty years the average interest rate on 30-year fixed rate home loans have averaged out to 8%. I bought my first house in 1983 with a 14% FHA loan, and was grateful to get 14% because conforming loans were 16%+. I bought my next h...
I met a man recently at a neighborhood social event. He knew from my mailers in the community that I am a loan officer. He said right away that he had taken advantage of the forbearance law on his house, and he asked if I had taken forbearance. I said no, I don't need forbearance on my loan. He r...
"Sniff, aaaaahhh... there's nothing like that new home smell." Newly built homes can be the better option for folks who are super-picky about the condition of a house, and the features in the house. I've originated home loans for hundreds of folks buying newly constructed homesThere are significa...
FHA home loans are great for first time buyers who don't have a 20% down payment for a conventional loan. Pretend for a moment that you wish to buy a home priced at $450,000 and you're the lucky winner of the multiple bids on the house.A 20% down payment for a convential loan would be $90,000 dow...

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