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An agent, Susan, with whom I have frequently worked over the years, was helping a military couple buy a house. The clint's names are Brad and Dawn.  They had bid on three different houses and lost all three times because Brad insisted on bidding the list price, and not a nickel more. They were go...
Down PaymentsOne of the most important questions in the pre-qualification process is the down payment.   The traditional down payment in the past has been 20% of the loan amount. First time homebuyers may not have 20% to put down, but that's okay because today, there are 10% down loans, 5% down ...
203(K) REHAB MORTGAGE INSURANCE Summary:Section 203(k) insurance enables homebuyers and homeowners to finance both the purchase (or refinancing) of a house and the cost of its rehabilitation through a single mortgage or to finance the rehabilitation of their existing home.  Purpose:Section 203(k)...
Here is a quick video message with some charts about the state of the interest rates on home loans.  Call me if you have questions: 703-929-2274. Markita WoodsNMLS#169099American Financial NetworkBranch Manager and The Queen of Mortgages703-929-22743002 Old Bridge Road, Suite A, Woodbridge, VA  2...
Moving to the Washington DC area? What's happening in the real estate market. I'll get to the point now: it's a seller's market in the Washington DC (DC) area. That means there are more buyers ready to buy than sellers ready to sell. You will have fewer houses from which to choose, and that frequ...
"The next time you find a friend, family member, or neighbor who is thinking about moving, would you feel comfortable introducing them to me?" Use this script while the transaction is in process, and you have just given your customer some good news. Use this script at the beginning of the relatio...
Watch Dave Ramsey answer a qustion from a listener on his radio show about investing in real estate. Note when Dave says now is not the time to be investing in real estate because the market is too hot, and we cannot get a good deal, even with run down houses that need repair because people are e...
Winning a Bidding War in Today’s Tough Buyer’s Market From a production and lead generation standpoint, the majority of 2021 has been attempting to navigate the housing market to find creative, outside-the-box ways for buyer’s to compete in today’s marketplace.  With demand competition far exceed...
Working from home is fueling the current real estate market. There are other factors that are driving the volume of home sales, but we will stick with working from home in this post. The COVID-19 pandemic has millions of office workers working from home. Some companies have already announced that...
As of April 27, 2012, interest rates on a conventional, 20% down, 30-year mortgage are in the 3.4% range, and headed down to 3.2% by the middle of May. It's only been a few months since rates were bottomed out at 2.75% on a conventional loan (2.25% on government backed loans by FHA and VA). The d...

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